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If humans wish to reason together and thus save the species from quick extinction they must find a foundation of common unity. They must find a foundation upon which to construct society.

The unity Jesus spoke of was with the absolute/God. He called it the Father, he called it God and he also called it Absolute yet he said no name could contain it and as such any name coming from someone who did not know it in Unity was just a label based on personal opinion and belief of the ego.

The Vertical bar in the Christian Cross represents the Father or the masculine, the un-manifest. It doesn't change, it is all pervasive and it is also something that is not a thing, it embodies the potential of direction and expansion. If you were to look for Consciousness or a mind that is not just mechanical neural impulses, but inspiration and love, it resides there and in everything perceived as physical.
The Horizontal bar of the Cross represents the feminine or the Manifest, neither the manifest or the un-manifest ever exists without the other.
Jesus spoke of this Unity as the foundation of all life and living.

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We are social creatures and thus we have emotions that support our social behavior. For a while that unity was formed generally upon religion, because religion formed a basis of eternal life upon which all humans want to believe because all normal humans fear death and seek immortality.

When sensory oriented to the outside world we easily allow our attachments to the mental stimuli of mind association rule our direction of approach. We allow our emotions to rule us. We seek to find and live with those things that make us happy and to avoid and build our walls of belief to protect us from that which makes us unhappy and causes us pain.
Psychologically speaking anything that creates a painful experience makes a psychological impression and a belief is created by that association and lay in the subconscious mind.
There is a difference between an aged adult and a child in the way one thinks and acts. A child who has not been conditioned by belief is more innocent and forgiving. The child experiences everything new. The Adult experiences everything with conditions and beliefs based on past experiences. The Child's innocence is free from beliefs in fear of social injustices, political prejudices and even scientific theories and their reasons for being part of the universe.
Jesus' approach was very scientific. It was based on the nature of reality, the mechanics of time and space and the universal construct of cause and effect. His words were put (in his time) to the best effect possible for those who would listen and for those who were capable of understanding. Religion followed his teachings as a matter of belief, from a less aware mindset based on fear, judgment and their handmaiden... superstition.
The cosmic perspective that was taught, was the immortal soul continues to live beyond the concepts and beliefs which solidify into the mortal experience of Flesh or "human being." Once the mind tunes its awareness beyond social programming based on fear and superstition the experience of ones self is observed as changing from one experience and belief to another. Jesus called this merry go round of emotional attachment Hell. He advocated the expansion of awareness to ascend the attachments to belief and to return the mind to its clear state beyond any programs and to a clear state similar to the innocence of a child, which is why the analogy in scripture. Obviously to the lesser mind this would seem to mean that one gives up all knowledge but that is not what he meant.
Some things are useful like remembering your name, how to drive a car if you have one and to remember you have a relationship with your loved ones, etc. But then those beliefs and opinions based on judgments made from past experiences keep the mind from experiencing anything in the present moment, or as Eckhart Tolle states it to be, in the NOW. To live in the Now requires that the mind be relieved of all stress that are the underlying subconscious psychological subjective influences which cause reaction, rather than allowing one to be objective. Reaction is instantaneous it is the mind body association that comes with programming. If you take a child and put their hand on a hot stove they will not resist until the experience of being burned. If you take an adult who has an experience of a hot stove and try to place it on the burner the instantaneous reaction will be to question whether the stove is hot or not before allowing the hand to be placed on the burner. If there is any question there will be no innocence and no trust. The world filled with conditioning like this breeds human reaction.
People believe they can stand aside of their ego and objectively perceive the world around them by keeping all these programs inside of them, but they can't and they won't. The only way to release the mind from these programs is to immerse it in something greater which is what every Spiritual Teacher maintains as the Spiritual Science of cause and effect and of psychological awareness and understanding.
If you are psychologically aware of Truth then any untruth has no ability to stick to the mind and as such illusion does not creep into subconscious programs of fear, judgment, prejudice and personal delusion.
A clear mind witnesses with wisdom and an unclear mind influenced by personal opinion derived from belief sees everything from past experience and projects a future based on what it thinks about the past. The unclear mind can never be in the present moment or the now.
Every argument is based on an unclear mind, every conflict is based on the attachment to personal opinion and belief. Every democratic process that includes the diversity of personal beliefs, superstition and fear is an ongoing conflict of beliefs and opinions. For this kind of mind unity is a dream that everyone will either get what they want regardless of their beliefs and differences or that all will come to an accord in beliefs and opinions.
In one sense as a reflection of Truth in cause and effect, everyone gets exactly what they want because their experience is based on what they have coalesced into form and experience from belief long gathered in the process of birth and death accumulating the identity of reality thru many lifetimes. But the mortal man does not remember anything other than this lifetime and the clutter of belief and opinion accumulated in just a few years is reflective of those other lifetimes as the habit of ones attention to the details of mortality and belief.
The Unity Jesus spoke of was much clearer and much greater in that God was not democratic, and that each of us sees what we want to see but not necessarily what we are capable of seeing. In order to see what we are capable of seeing, we would necessarily need to rise above individuality that is the subconscious programs in the identification with all of our bodily experiences and beliefs in the world around us that we fear and judge. To see that everything of the relative is a reflection of our beliefs.

No one person of great belief is free nor does that person have anything that will free another.
One who is beyond the changing belief system has the ability to lead others. I'm not talking about Science unless Science can find an absolute, because even science deals with changing beliefs in theory and application of new knowledge without the constant that underlies everything which spiritual science is based on. Science limits itself to that which can be measured and studied with physical instruments and doubts the validity and potential of the Human instrument unless it is consistent in belief and experience. The absolute consistency of that which supports all order and life is not in any way attached or invested in life the way the ego is invested in finding reason. It exists apart from reason and gives life to reason as long as reason is given life thru belief and opinion.

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The eighteenth century Enlightenment destroyed this religious unity and focused upon reason as the unifying force. Modern society has demonstrated the problem with this solution. We must find something within our self upon which to build a foundation and the only base that I can see is to start with what we all have in common.

Objectivity is our shared subjectivity.

Now you are approaching the grounds of Spiritual Science...
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