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Objectivity is our shared subjectivity.

Because all normal humans have the same cognitive apparatus and since everything that we think, know, or perceive is subjective to one degree or another then it follows that anything objective (anything that we all share) must be introduced by our cognitive structures.
What we share beyond individuality is one-ness. When we poke a finger the rest of the body feels it. In our individuality we often ignore the hand and the mind that creates and suffer the hell of ignorance.
As much as the ego and the identification with personality wishes to shut out all that it believes is separate from belief and opinion this action is cutting the hand off from the body. There is no reflection in the universe that is not of the Whole and the only way to know this is to look elsewhere than the myriad of reflections which are endless as are all subjective ideals. Our pride in our ability to think something is owned by individuality and personality is the weak link and breaks the chain in the awareness of the Thread that leads to absolute Unity.
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