coberst- I think that there is a 'common unity' at the basis of most of our views on moral behaviour ( I prefer to discuss the behaviour than the belief- or an imperative because behaviour can and is fairly easily modified- or otherwise advertising would be a useless industry.)

We need to have cohesion as a society, and so there must be rules, and willingness to work within those guidelines. This salient fact emerged on my recent musings on morality--- there have to be others around for moral rules to be needed. The 'treat others as you want them to treat you' imperative should be the basis for the rules that we evolve within our society. This sentiment is at the basis of all laws, religious or otherwise. When it goes wrong it is usually because someone interprets it as 'what is good for me is definitely good for you and I feel that so strongly that I'll kill you if you don't agree'.

Allowing for the differing ideas of differing people has always been difficult, and I, like you FF, am interested in the notion that one day science may be able to add some objective facts to the vast array of subjective ideologies that dominate this field wherever it is discussed.

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