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Coberst, because of my own imperfections, I think of myself as one who never--well, almost never--expects truth to be absolutely clear to me.

At this point, as one who does not like using absolute labels on self or others--I think of myself, more or less, as being an absolute relativist, or a relative absolutist--so to speak. Relatively speaking, I am fairly sure that its okay, now and then, to change ones mind. smile

(A morally/politically correct answer??)

Obviously with a changing mind comes changing definitions of reality and morality. One day one thing and another day another thing.

This is reflective of the history of the church and religion. One day we kill in the name of God and another day we forgive. The will of the absolute God according to the trends in democratic beliefs and the identification with an imperfect humanity created by a perfect God.

In this there can be no absolute because it would mean that those who hold to their changing beliefs and opinions as the absolute will never sacrifice the personal reality for anything greater if that greater threatens the personal beliefs and opinions one believes is all that they are.
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