Ellis, in the literature there is ample and abundant evidence of the fact that when psychopaths/sociopaths inflict any kind of pain--physical, mental or spiritual--on others, in no way do they accept any responsibility for doing so. To direct questions, they will usually respond with a question: "Who, me? Not me!"

Sure some victims can make things more painful for themselves, by being too passive, too willing to be victimized--it just encourages the bullies. Compare how Chamberlain handled things at Munich.

On the other hand, victims can be too ready to take revenge. Both extremes are not the way to go.

But there are those who know how to learn valuable lessons from all experiences; when life hands them a lemon they will make lemonade, or they will turn their scars into stars. Or, like the oyster and the grain of sand, they will turn it into a pearl.

Thanks TT, I am enjoying the lemonade and the pearl of a dialogue this experience can create.
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