Ellis, on seeing your last post I thought I would check the recent comment by TT to see if I could find the one to which you responded.

Is this the one you had in mind? "... And in being right about it one will do whatever they can to demean the other for their ideals and berate them for thinking they are right."

This prompts me to ask: TT, are you talking to yourself?

BTW, in today's National Post--a national daily in Canada--there was quite an interesting article on the danger of what he called "missionizing" religions: They are the fundamentalist kind (found in all the world religions, but especially in Islam) which strive to impose their morality on the whole community, not just on their own faithful members.

The article was by the very controversial academic Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum and a fellow at the Hoover institution of Stanford University.

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