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Hallelujah! May the pearl of a dialogue continue and grow into a string of pearls.
It's always a choice to see things the way they are or the way you want to, isn't it? There is a pearl in every moment and in every experience if you are not stuck in a personal opinion or belief that leads to judgment of the experience before seeing all possibility.
I used Ellis' statement as a springboard for my post and she took it personally, thinking I was accusing her of something which hadn't entered my mind. So its all relative to ones point of reference. Someone who has little stress in their nervous system and who is less likely to react within their experience of life is going to be more objective than one who is burdened by the stresses of personal beliefs and opinions and insists life look a certain way. The one who is objective is less likely to cringe when something is moved or there is change, where as one who is critical and opinionated will be more likely to suffer when change is experienced and something seems out of place to them.
Life is what you make of it based on where your point of reference is. Objectivity comes naturally when the mind is not burdened by belief and opinion, but when it is burdened by belief and opinion objectivity is subjective.
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