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As you know TT I am ignoring you and this is only the second time that I have read your posts in about 5 months.

And things haven't changed have they?
If by meaning that you react to my posts and tell me you are ignoring me by responding to me, then I guess things haven't changed.
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Where in my post did I 'berate' or 'demean' everyone with a religion? In fact I did not.

I Didn't mention you personally, but if you want to wear that shoe by reacting to my statement it's not my fault...

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It would be difficult to deny that some religions and regimes do coerce their inhabitants to adopt ideas of morality and behaviour.

If would be difficult to deny that anyone with an opinion would like to have their opinion validated by having others assume the opinion as well. Some even repeat themselves often, hoping to get their point across so they can be validated by those who might give them the attention they crave.
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It would be difficult to defend a point of view if you have been stoned to death or poisoned, both in the name of different religions... or sentenced to death in a court of law that is corrupt and dishonest... all for the sake of an interpretation of moral behaviour.
Well the universe is sometimes seen as random and chaotic and by others as the reflection of order and purpose. Everyone picks their ideal based on what they are feeling and what they want to identify with.
If there was an absolute then who would be the authority if everyone wanted their beliefs validated and if the absolute was in conflict with their beliefs?
It's much more convenient to protect ones beliefs and ideals by denying any kind of natural law or absolute, or to insist that their opinion was based on an absolute.

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... "And in being right about it one will do whatever they can to demean the other for their ideals and berate them for thinking they are right."

This prompts me to ask: TT, are you talking to yourself?
If you and Ellis are ignoring me then I must not be speaking to either of you.... confused
Besides I could never demean or berate anyone. Every good psychologist knows it is not the other person that makes one feel what they feel, that's just a personal choice to identify with ones low self esteem.
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