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"Why do we seek moral absolutes?"
Because the absolute, G0D, is beyond me, I do not seek moral absolutes.

Sure TFF, I agree with you when you say, "...this might actually be a question with which science can one day assist in a solution. Example: we're already starting to hook up believers and non-believers to MRIs to look at differences in brain function."

I also agree when you say, "I suspect a number of factors, broken or non-functional logic circuitry, including willful ignorance, the desire to feign wisdom, fearfulness of the unknown, fearfulness of change, and so forth...."

Again I agree when you say, "We are deluded into thinking the universe cares."

But to whom are you referring when you write? "They (the moral absolutists) assert that if the universe doesn't care for us, we are not important. Our sense of self-worth is not important. It's strictly the worth given to us by some outside conviction that matters...."

Thanks for the valuable dialogue.
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