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Now, the next question is: If GØD, as matter, is the Source of all matter, what is the practical value of this concept. I think it has great practical value. It takes theology and pneumatology out of the hands of the dogmatist and ritualists--those who would have us believe without questioning and without evidence. Personally, I want an evidence-based theology and spirituality.
I think the value of reducing God to matter and its creator is that self evidence can be applied to any belief and or any religion so that such a system may make a claim to their personal perceptions. Unfortunately this won't unite religions or the personal as long as individuality continues to make a claim to the appearance and manifestation of their God. To expand God beyond the personal perception and unite all personal perceptions would take a bit more than to reduce God to matter and it's creator.
Something like surrendering the personal to that which preceded the personality.
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