socratus- ecccles gave an excellent answer in his replies. The universe exists for each individual (or organism) because each of us observes it. This can be used as an explanation of the existence of God- ie God is The Observer, and without his watching the universe will cease to be. Personally I am comfortable with the idea that the universe can exist without me, or any deity, watching its every move, but the 'watcher' theory is a neat and arguable idea!

Is there evidence of eternal life? No. We all know that when an animal dies they are dead. Humans are animals too.

Is there evidence that people believe that there is a life after death? Of course there is. Many people hold well-thought-out, sincere beliefs in the prospect of life after death, and many are comforted by it.

I agree Rev-- perhaps if 'unknown' is reading our posts he/she would take advice to find someone to talk to about this question as they sound troubled by it.