(Okay on the edit). My understanding of "pneumatology" or "active spirituality" as I might call it,is that is a "top-down" approach to "consciousness". I need to contrast it with "deflationist" views of consciousness which see the latter as an epiphenomenon of "the general life process". (Maturana) It is an open question whether "life" is a spontaneous structure (like the dissipative structures of Prigogine) or whether such a structure is being "tweaked" by some form of "higher" organizational force. (Polkinghorne, the Cambridge physicist turned theologian, argues for "tweaking of the strange attractors" in the context of a catastrophe theory model).

So, whereas your pneumatological standpoint focuses on the emotional praxis of "ethical living", my intellectual one focuses on issues of comparative epistemology and ontology. This is not to say that they cannot co-exist.

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