I wonder if 'unknownuniverse' is still around. I wanted to ask him/her: What do we mean by 'life'? IMO, it comes in many forms.

BTW, is there any scientific evidence that life--in one form or another--is an eternal phenomenon? At 79, I am getting to that time of life when I am very interested. grin

As a minister, over the years (since 1950) I have buried--that is, I did the funerals--of quite a number of people around this age and younger--one was less than a day, very sad. The oldest was 99.

interestingly, my first funeral was in the summer of 1950. I was a student minister in Dundurn, Saskatchewan--a Canadian prairie province. Mr. Parmier was in his 80's. He told me, before he died, that as a teenager he rode with the Jesse James gang in Missouri and nearby states. "My father was friend of James and was shot riding away from a robbery: He was in his 90's. Later that night, he died in the saddle, and we buried him in the dark, on the prairie. I think it was somewhere in Iowa."

Just recently, I buried a close friend. She was 83. She died within a few days of taking ill.

BTW 2, how many took the following comment by Unknown as a plea for help? And why did we drop the topic?
Even if you can't relate, can you tell me if I am mentally crazy? However, please don't think about this topic to much, it will probably haunt you. It has been coming back to me for ages, and many of those times it has left me afraid, and sometimes even in tears.

What is a scientifically and healthy attitude to 'death and dying'?
Who feels the need to talk, or write, about it?
Who would rather avoid it? Or just listen.

If there is an interest, I could set up a special thread, unless there is already one.
40 years ago: ON DEATH AND DYING--What the Dying Have to Teach Doctors, Nurses, Clergy, and Their Own Families
by Elisabeth Kübler Ross, M.D.