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Tutor Turtle,

Having visted Krishnamurti establishments, I think your analysis is somewhat nebulous.


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Krishnamurti did not claim "enlightenment",and famously rejected that status thrust upon him by others.

Because he saw himself as normal while others saw him as enlightened. Without the ego based self measuring system, his innocence of being saw no limitation in those who claimed to experience a superiority of presence when compared to their own. He simply could not understand why anyone would see life any differently than he did.

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He was no paragon of virtue and his private life included at least one affair with an associate's wife. Amongst his circle (not "followers") were many intellectuals such as Yehudi Menuhin and David Bohm the physicist
none of whom could be accused of failing to see the "delusions of self". BTW, he probably states somewhere that concepts like "karma" are vacuous.

Circle, followers, believers, friends, disciples... It's all a matter of perspective from the external point of view.
Interestingly enough to have an affair with another mans wife and still be called a paragon of virtue would have to point to the expression of love having no ownership or boundaries.
In the society of today as well as that in which Krishnamurti lived it was not a virtuous act to sleep with another mans wife.
The idea that love could be owned or that one could attach themselves to just one person was something that was foreign to Krishnamurti. It was not something in his nature to see it as a non-virtuous act regardless of whether the woman was married to another man. IF she made the choice to do so it would have been of here own free will and not because Krishnamurti wasn't virtuous.

Probably he stated something more substantial regarding Karma than it being vacuous. Cause and effect is a relative mechanical aspect to the creation of what is called the physical experience. Knowing the Self does not free ones self from the awareness of duality in the manifest because it (duality) must exist in order to support experience. How much of this Krishnamurti knew would have to be determined from one who is conscious enough to Know of His experience.
Consciousness recognizes consciousness.
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