In the forum RE-DEFINING GOD, I write as a theologian, pneumatologist and philosopher with a deep interest in, and curiosity about, the sciences. I asked any scientist, willing to answer some questions I have about the nature of SPACE and what we call the VACUUM. The following is a re-edited version of the excellent dialogue taking place.

I asked: Did the primordial ball of matter--I presume it was matter--which scientists tell us "EXPANDED" into what we call the cosmos, start of as a thing? And, did it come into being mysteriously, out of the no-thing, out of the vacuum, which I call GOD, or GØD?

Without being dogmatic, I say: It came out of the no-thing, GØD.

Interestingly, I got several responses from James S. Saint, apparently well versed in science and technology. He wrote:
It came out of the empty nothingness, GØD, and you are right. I can even go through the explanation as to how and why that "Bang" came about. Although being logical, it cannot be said to be scientific because I would have to actually produce a Big Bang in order to demonstrate the physical validity of the logic. I am sure that I can't remember enough of the mathematics any more but the reasoning isn't that difficult.

But your GØD IS a thing in a sense, in that ALL things come from that "stuff", "aether", "emptiness of space", "fabric of space"... This is a logically and mathematically provable theory although extremely impractical to prove via demonstration.
Then he added
Actually, let me try to give an explanation void of any math, just to get you into the playing field.

Imagine a swimming pool on an extremely calm day. You place into the pool a number of transducers made to merely cause waves in the pool at a chosen frequency.
I asked myself, what is a transducer? Here is an answer I found:
At first, you turn on one transducer at perhaps 1 cycle per sec. and watch the waves travel throughout the former still water surface. They reflect around quite a bit, but there is no question that the waves are present.

But then you decide to see what happens as you turn on more transducers at different frequencies.

You notice that as you turn more and more transducers on, the waves become more chaotic, but are still obviously there.

Finally you decide to see just where all of this would lead is you just kept adding more and more waves at random frequencies to each other.

The surface of the water, as you add more, becomes less like waves and more like short peaks and spikes with no noticeable direction of wave motion. The more you add, you begin to notice that the height of those peaks seems to be getting less and less as more and more of them cover the surface.

If you could add enough (an infinite number preferred), you would see those peaks gradually get smaller and smaller in height and greater and greater in number.

Eventually you would be able to see no waves at all and in the infinite case, the water's surface would again be perfectly still as the peaks have become of zero height and infinite in number.

Where you started is where you end up, yet all you did was make waves the entire time (sounds like the youth of America, huh).

The point to this is that for anything to have affect on anything else, it must be a "noticeable wave". For you to see one of the waves it had to be different from its surroundings in some way. The same is true for all electromagnetic waves.

If you add enough random electromagnetic waves together, they add up to zero influence and have no potential to be observed or to effect anything - empty space.

The ONLY existence is the disturbance of the "nothingness" or the "aether". This can be logically determined to be what absolutely must be true regardless of anything Science could ever discover.

Thus existence as you know it, all came from and could become again, the nothingness of the calm sea of empty space (aether stuffins).
Perhaps GØD is the ultimate transducer, like the Hebrew word 'ELOHIM' (all powers) indicates.