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I would not want to call it "God" because that has anthropomorhic connotations of purpose or intent.

Of course! Have you noticed that, when I speak of the Whole I do not use the noun "God"? GØD/GOD is not a noun; it is an acronym.

Eccles, may I borrow your simile and write: But this body which I inhabit is like a single bee's body in a hive (the cosmos).It is a component, an essential part, of a larger organizational structure within the mystery we call the space/time continuum, or the vacuum.

However, unlike an instinct-driven bee, we human beeings have the power of self-consciousness. As such, following the principle of the Golden Rule, we can will (love) and choose to bee a G-O-D-like SOB (Son of a Bee, or D(aughter)OB)--one who is willing to work creatively, with others, to create a life that is truly wonderful, true and good for all involved. Or I can choose to bee a selfish and, therefore, destructive SOB/DOB and thus opt out on being part of the wonderful life.

BTW, it is I--not my instinctual drives--who makes the choice to bee or not to bee. If it is to 'bee" smile , it is up to me, not up to a personal god (God), or a devil up, or down, there.

IMO, such a "structure" can transcend the pneumatological construction we call "time". Time now becomes, not a thing that passes, but simply the way we measure how we process--at one with the eternal now--within the infinite and ever-expanding space/time continuum.

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