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If Jesus the answer,
what is the question ?

Fear of the unknown pushes the ego to seek a reality that is safe.
Spirituality of the species or the interconnectedness of all things bubbles thru the individual beliefs and opinions of personal idealism and creates a smell that attracts like minded individual opinion and belief together which gathers into something like a religion.
Where people find commonality in beliefs that can create a temporary relief from fear, it ends up as a house of morals and rules to help keep the mind from thinking too much about the unknown. Unfortunately this also tends to stifle creativity to a degree because whenever a thought emerges that is outside of the box, or foreign to common belief and scientific principle it is run through the gauntlet of opposing thoughts and beliefs that live in the houses of religion. Since religion/belief is a part of all philosophy regardless of any definition, be it scientific or otherwise, the opposing thought will either inspire the few who are not bound by rules, or contract the Many who can not live without them. It is only the higher state of conscious awareness that binds the morality of universal connectedness to the one who lives without rules so that he or she who lives beyond religion and its morals is never opposed to the designs of the universe. Unfortunately Krishnamurti who was born enlightened could not relate to the ignorance of the waking state mentality of religion and could not understand why man stayed in ignorance. Like those who traversed the path of enlightenment in a single lifetime to retain the process of change required to escape the confines of religion, Krishnamurti had done the work in a previous lifetime and was born without the karma of delusion and fear that binds religion to the ego.
Krishnamurti and his followers stood on two sides of a fence and neither really understood what was on the other side. Krishnamurti was familiar with the flow of the universe but not the delusion of the ego. His followers understood their beliefs, were ignorant of their delusions, and were also fascinated by the truth Krishnamurti resonated with at a spiritually vibrant level of being. It is that vibrational resonance that inspires lesser states of consciousness, but like a faint voice that is overpowered by the stronger voice of the ego, it is suppressed by the ignorance of belief and personality.
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