Vintage 10\" Blade FOSTER BROS. Carbon Steel Slicing Butcher Knife USA GC {08 For Sale

Vintage 10\

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Vintage 10\" Blade FOSTER BROS. Carbon Steel Slicing Butcher Knife USA GC {08:

Vintage 10\" Blade FOSTER BROS. Carbon Steel Slicing Butcher Knife USA GC {08. Condition is \"Used\" but good.
We are only accepting offers higher than the starting offer price if you would like us to end the sale early in order for us to ship it out quickly otherwise we are going to let the sale go the full time between now and Christmas
*THIS IS A USED NOT MINT item and may have some normal signs of age and use which may include one or more of the following cosmetic issues: minor scuffs, scratches, dirt, flea bites, minor rust, minor rips, tears, stains, foxing, crazing, or any other number of MINOR COSMETIC flaws that do not affect the items functionality UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. 
We try to mention or photograph any known issues that we would consider MORE THAN MINOR. 
This item was acquired at a local estate sale. We are selling it pretty much the way we acquired it. 
We know nothing of the items use or history prior to it coming in our possession other than what we stated above. 
We are not, nor do we claim to be, experts on any item we sell and would NEVER intentionally mislead a potential buyer. We describe and photograph the items to the best of our knowledge and ability. Our primary source of information is from finding similar items that have SOLD here on , and a majority of the time we use the \"sell similar item\" feature with the assumption that information in the previously sold item was vetted and accurate. 
This does not mean that we cannot make honest mistakes in our listings. If we have made a mistake in our listing and you know that to be a fact we would be happy to correct it, otherwise we do what research we can within a reasonable amount of time and make educated guesses in our descriptions if we cannot find comparable items. 
Please be sure to look over all the pictures carefully before offerding or purchasing an item and be sure to ask if you have any questions because the pictures should do most of the describing and W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G! (what you see is what you get).
We will refund or accept returns only if the item is not as described or if we are in some kind of error that can be documented, and if we are notified of the issue within 3 days of delivery, otherwise we do not accept returns. 
Please remember that shipping costs are more than just the actual amount to ship an item. We print out our own labels which uses paper and toner and purchase all packing materials that adds to the cost of shipping.
We guestimate shipping costs and we do get it wrong somtimes. We do not promise that it will ship via the method listed. Somtimes it is nescessary to ship using a different service. If your item is large it may have to be disassembled for shipping. 
We are a Christian business and we are not Ashamed of the Gospel or \"Good News\" That you can have your sins forgiven and eternal life through faith and belief in Jesus Christ. Many times we include a small piece of informational literature or a tract or something of that nature in our shipments because we would like everyone to have the opportunity to know the gospel of Jesus. If this offends you, you may want to buy from someone else, otherwise it is assumed you read this disclosure and are ok with it.
As our response will show we try to ship items fast, somtimes the same day. We do not however make any promises as to when an item will ship or when it is delivered. We get called out of town regularly on business 2-3 days each week and sometimes we cannot ship right away. We will usually notify you when that happens. Because we make guesstimates on weights and shipping costs, but we reserve the right to ship using a different carrier or classification if our estimates were not accurate and insufficient funds were collected to cover shipping, or in the case of best offers where a reduction in asking price is accepted.

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