Splatoon 2 Mem Cake Squid Neri Memory Callie Marie Mini Figure 1 Random Gashapon For Sale

Splatoon 2 Mem Cake Squid Neri Memory Callie Marie Mini Figure 1 Random Gashapon

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Splatoon 2 Mem Cake Squid Neri Memory Callie Marie Mini Figure 1 Random Gashapon:

Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion Neri Memory Vol. 2 Gashapon (1RandomPair ofMiniFigures)

Made by Takara Tomy Arts. About 1" tall. Second volume, all new characters! Officially licensed gashaponfigures shaped like the Mem cakes (aka Neri in Japanese) found in the Splat 2 Octo Expansion. Each gashaponcapsule contains only 2 mem cakes, feels like erasers, not the complete set. Styles ship random.

Although the gallery photos may show multiple mem cakes, but you'll only get 1 pair of mem cakes per purchase. So you won't know which one you'll get until you receive it! Just like your favorite blind box or blind bag toys, it will be a surprise.

Quick FAQ

  • What is aGashapon ?A Japanese "blind box" collectibletoy that is distributed in toycapsule vending machines throughout Asia.
  • What does blind box mean?It means you can't choose the figure pair you'll receive out of a series. So style types will ship randomly packaged one by one. Regardless of how many figures or props shown in the gallery photos, you'll only receive the contains of 1 gashapon capsule per purchase
  • Will my blind figure be packaged in a box or a bag?Since this is the Japanese version, they will be packaged in a plastic toy capsule; with Japanese paper inserts included.
  • If I buy more than 1 pair, will I get more than 1 pair of styles?Maybe, or maybe not. While it may not bevery likely, there is always a chance you could pull the same type once, twice, thrice, or more.
  • Can you ship me a specific figure?Yes, but you'll have to pay an extra fee. Check out our"Gashapon Spoiler" service(on mobile, search foritem number:174698961793) listing tolearn more.
  • Whois Shop Cute Kills?We seek to be your number 1 seller forgashaponsin the United States. We have a lot ofgachaponwith new ones being added monthly. Please check out our storehere.


  • For US buyers:Shipping is $6 Flat Rate via First Class Mail, no matter how much you buy.
  • Shipping time:Within 24 hours of payment on Mon-Thurs. Payments received on Fridays, Weekends, and/or Holidays ship the next available business day.

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