Replacement Typewriter Feet for Royal "P" or "O" Portable (set of 4) For Sale

Replacement Typewriter Feet for Royal

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Replacement Typewriter Feet for Royal "P" or "O" Portable (set of 4):

Royal PortableTypewriters are really old (mine were made in 1933/1934), and originally hadrubber feet that by now has the properties of chewing gum under a desk. Theseare replacement and much improved feet using modern techniques and materials, Ithink looks and functions better than the original rubber ever could have, andwill hopefully last a lot longer!

I do not yet have the complete list of variants of typewriter this will fit. I have tried it on multiple Royal "P" type portable machines, and also the following similar machines which have "O" and "OT" serial numbers:

1) Red Royal Portablewith serial number OT 349671 (1933)

2) Black Royal Portablewith serial number O 397970 (1934)

You can look closely atthe photos, and see if it seems to match your machine. The dimensions are 26mmx 28mm at the base, and 10mm high. The hole is offset, and the same part fitsall four feet (on mine) even though the front and back use differentmechanisms. In the front, an assembly removes with 3 screws, while in the backyou just install the feet directly. In the end, it's the same, they use apainted black cover that is loose. To install, you put that piece on first andmake sure the tab fits into the slot (it's obvious)--I used some tape to try tosecure this to avoid scratching it while struggling to get the foot on. Next,push, pull, screw, pry--whatever works, to get the foot over the metal post.It's annoying, but you get the hang of it by the 3rd foot. Perhaps a littlesynthetic oil would assist, but I didn't use that, I carefully iterated thedimensions to achieve a balance on installability versus tight fit. So, itneeds to be difficult to put on, so it stays on and in place.

I have a lot oftypewriters, but have yet to replace most of the feet. These feet may fit othermodels of typewriter, I will update this summary when I learn more. If you canadd something about general compatible among different Royal machines, pleasesend me a message, thanks!

I designed these to benearly an identical replacement, but with the advantages of modern technologywe can engineer materials that were previously impossible. I printed withNinjaFlex Black TPU (, which is nearlyindestructible(but a knife or scissors will cut it, just like rubber!), flexible, and quite gripping on most surfaces. I printed theseat 50% infill (with a flexible gyroid fill structure) for a balance betweengood friction on the table, tight fit on the machine, and ability to actuallyinstall them. These look and function very much like the original, but shouldlast much longer and be far more durable. Some people may prefer the originaldull rubber look, but I actually think these are a superior look to rubber, andthe glossy finish better matches (if black) or accents the rest of the machine.

I designed these for myown typewriter as shown, and this is an experiment to see if it's worth my timeto make some more for the community. If you have access to a 3D printer, I haveshared this design online here, feel free to print your class="MsoNormal">PS: 's volumediscount display is a bit confusing, each purchase is a SET OF FOUR feet, sopicking "1" is one set of 4; "2" is 2 sets of 4 (8), etc.

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