Physics Science Electrolysis Hydrogen Gas Generator Making Experiment Machine For Sale

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Physics Science Electrolysis Hydrogen Gas Generator Making Experiment Machine :

Item ELECOLYSIS HYDROGEN GENERATOR Our Hydrogen generator safely and reliably splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. The reaction takes place in a sodium hydroxide electrolysis system. Gas production is high and no pollution results from the reaction.The product is perfect for home use experimentation or for high school science demonstration. Two size options are available and express shipping is included in the listed price. Specifications:Operating voltage: 12v - 100/240V.Operating power: 200-300W. Purchase size option: Small (9 cell electrolytic plates), or large (13 cell electrolytic plates) generator. Size: Approximately 20x30x35cm. Weight: Small generator - 6kg; large generator - 8kg (depending on the size you choose). Note: The only difference between the small and large generator is the cell electrolytic plate number difference, and a slight weight difference. Package: 1 x Hydrogen generator. ShippingAverage shipping times to most countries are around 15-30 working days or 3-6 weeks. Some countries such as Brazil or South Africa can be much longer for items to arrive.If you have not received your item after our estimated time frame, please contact us and we will look into your order to see where it is, often it is still in customs or may even be waiting for you at your local post office.If there is a problem with your item we may opt to re-send your order again or refund you, please contact us to discuss your concernPlease note - Your item is being sent via international shipping and is subject to international shipping times. Please be patient and understand that once an order leaves our hands we cannot speed the process along. Sometimes items can arrive quicker than our guide suggests and sometimes they can arrive slower. All orders are sent from Hong Kong or China.Occasionally problems may arise such as lost/damaged/slow/broken orders, please contact us so we can resolve the issue by replacing your item or offering a refund. Normally we do not give out tracking numbers, so please contact us beforehand if this bothers you so we can arrange to provide you with one for your order.EXPRESS POSTFor some items we can offer express post for an additional fee, please contact us prior to purchasing so we can discuss this further with you. PaymentPlease make payment for your order within 5 days of purchase, if you have not made payment within 7 days, a non-payment dispute will be automatically opened and this will lead to a strike on your account wish may hinder your future buying privileges. Please only offer or click ‘buy it now’ if you intend on paying. We accept bank deposit or paypal. Returns and ReplacementsFor lost/damaged/broken/missing items please contact us so we can arrange to either send you out a replacement or alternatively refund you - please contact us to discuss your concern.For returns or exchanges we except returns within 14 days of receiving the item. Customer is responsible for return shipping fees. Contact UsPlease contact us at any time for any questions you have about our products. We strive to answer questions within 48 hours. About usThe Survival Island store is a business owned and operated by survival and wilderness entrepreneurs passionately motivated to expand the limits in the fields of survival, sustainability and personal independence. We don’t just sell products; we cultivate experimental ideas and revolutionary ways of living, we understand modern threats based on historical events and future projections, and we thrive on taking the initiative to pre-emptively counter obstacles with practical solutions that really work.We love radical ideas, revolutionary projects, ground-breaking knowledge, and of course we are more than happy to pass on our expertise and information to you, as well as supply the highest quality and modern range of equipment and products on the market today. We hope your exited to join us on our journey of learning, adventure and to achieve a high level of personal confidence and security necessary in our modern and shifting world. responseAfter you receive your order, please leave us 100% positive response and five-star ratings on the transaction. This lets us know you have received your item and lets other members about your positive experience. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us first before leaving neutral or negative response so we can resolve any issue you may have.

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