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Own a Piece of Mars!

From the #1 Moon & Mars Display Seller

MartianMeteorite NWA 6963


Super-Sized 3" x 4" Display

3 Mars rocks - New Series - Higher total weight of 33mg!

"The Red Planet"

Mars Rock Display Details

This is our finestMartianmeteoritedisplay offering! Our beautiful super-sized display is prepared from a genuine catalogued Martian meteorite, and includes an authenticated Certificate of Provenance.

100% money back, no questions asked guarantee.

Numbered Museum Edition:A spectacular newmuseum-grade addition to ourcatalog featuring exclusive art with high resolution graphics, and3 Mars rocksfromMartian meteorite NWA 6963.

Eachrock is individually preparedand no two are alike. This listing is the new Edition B, number 47 of 100 inthe limited issue.The total weight of the 3 Mars rocks in the new edition has increased to approximately33mg.

Artwork: "The Red Planet".A trulybreathtakingHubble telescope photo of Mars with incredible detail of the planet's craters andfissures, plusa stunningview of the celestialexpansein the background. 3 Mars rocks have been placed along the planet's massive2500 mile long equatorial Valles Marineris Canyon, see the close-up photo.

The reverseside of the displayhas interesting facts and history about the meteorite, and numbered B47/100.The penny in the side view with easel photo is for scale reference only.

Thesuper-sized display caseis 3" x4" (baseball card size) andis a durable two-piece clear plastic with a snap closure. Each display alsoincludes a hard plastic easel to show off your new collectible.

This is aone of a kind displayand a must have for any collector, amateur astronomer, sci-fi fan, or space enthusiast wantingsimply the very best.

Compare: We have the best displays on the market...exclusive artwork, and the lowest prices! Shop wisely...these are notthetiny "crumbs", "micro mounts", orMars "dust" some sellers offer.

We fully disclose the source of our specimens and belong to the prestigious IMCA, see below.

Provenance (Proof of Authenticity)

The display has a sample prepared from Martian Meteorite NWA 6963 specimens of the Noyes Planetary Collection, a private selection of catalogued meteorites. Daniel Noyesis a respected member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA); member # 6830.The IMCA is a world-wide, non-profit organization adhering to the strictest standards of authenticity and ethics. Learn more about the IMCA on their official website and cross reference members for verification.

Each display comes with a Certificate of Provenance and a 100% satisfaction money back return.

Meteorite History

Martian Meteorite NWA 6963 was discovered in the Great Sahara Desertin 2011.

Meteorite hunters found multiple stones with a total original massweighing about 8kg.

Northwest Africa 6963 is a light gray pyroxene-basaltic shergottite type rock.

TheMars MeteoriteNWA 6963 represents primitive Martian magma.

It is one of the most beautiful Martian meteorites andis considered ultra rare.

How to Spot the Fake Rocks

Legitimate meteorites demonstratetrueauthenticity by documenting the precise history of where and from which recognized source the material originated. The meteorite history must be traceable to the original source and include verification of authenticity or classification by an independent expert.If a listing does not provide provenance, ask the seller to provide the information.

IMCA - member #6830


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These unique visual artworks, including descriptive text, specific graphic images, and the presentationin combination withthe distinct plastic components may not be reproduced individually or in totality, in any manner, without the expressed written consent of the artist.

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