Lady Death: Cataclysmic Majesty #2 (Pulido Signed w/COA) Enticer Edt (NM or Btr) For Sale

Lady Death: Cataclysmic Majesty #2 (Pulido Signed w/COA) Enticer Edt (NM or Btr)

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Lady Death: Cataclysmic Majesty #2 (Pulido Signed w/COA) Enticer Edt (NM or Btr):

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The RaZoR Multi Book GUARANTEE(Read this if you are a Savvy Shopper and/or Investor)


Nobody beats my out the door, multi-item purchase pricing! NOBODY*. Simply send me a list of the books in inventory you desire along with WHAT YOU WANT TO PAY FOR THEM (just be semi-reasonable here). This establishes our relationship and I will work a deal with my available room to get you the best price. Expect to save 15% to upwards of 50% off your order of 2 books or more with this direct approach.
Those who are shy or just like to follow listings so you can wait and or find out what discount might be offered, that is not how you get best prices - those are BLIND OFFERS ( does not provide the seller any details about the possibly interested buyer; not even the basics for a proper offer such as shipping state or that your a repeat customer)


NEW BOOKS purchased through us have a MINIMUM NM (9.4) GRADE GUARANTEE. We strive for a 9.6 MINIMUM. Depending on the publishers of your book(s), we can extend a NM/MT (9.8) or BETTER guarantee on NEW RAW books! Should a book not meet our agreed grade minimum of your multi item transaction, it gets replaced (this is a personal guarantee to a regular customer that communicates with us).


Nobody packs better than me! NOBODY. Many may pack just as well (be grateful when you find them; SECURE SURE packaging takes additional time and money to perform and provide). Following is the Packaging Standard:a)Masking tape is minimally used throughout providing EASY ACCESS to your books once received
b)A comic pad/hard board is properly secured to your books (top and bottom)
c)Sometimes the boarded books are then inserted into a bubble mailer or bubble wrapped
d)All orders are placed into a proper GEMINI MAILING PRODUCT (Comic, Magazine or Subscription Box)
e)Sometimes the GEMINI product is then inserted into a USPS Priority flat rate mailer (std or legal) or Mail-box Box (various sizes)


$4.27 first book (Blame USPS)
(This shipping fee covers the cost from AZ to most WEST COAST states; anywhere else its significantly higher, yet we maintain this flat rate)$1/ea additional (books 2 to 4)$8.27 FLAT RATE (books 5 to 25)
(25 is the maximum # of books we ship in a single order unless otherwise discussed for this flat rate)Use the REQUEST TOTAL** and ONLY FOR THIS SELLER options at checkout


Marvel to Manga to Coffin Comics. Yes we can pre-order for you, even with several TRADE books based on my relations with top Trade Producing Retailers. Done so that you are in the BEST COST POSITION, PERIOD. There will be NO MAKE MONEY SCHEMES BASED ON INCREASING SHIPPING FEES that often accompany most SUB-RETAILER*** listings. Many eager buyers are not cost conscious in regards to shipping. What often appears extremely limited or about to sell out could be the exact opposite
(it depends on the sellers organization skills and ethics your dealing with and/or b limits the total number of combined items sellers can have for sale in their store and how much they are allowed to sell. What is actually in a sellers inventory is not what you see in their shop listings in nearly EVERY case


I can create a CUSTOM LISTING containing your entire multi-book list using our total agreed upon price
A single listing specifically tailored to you (stored forever on 's server) that doesn't require jump around and multiple windows to review now or in the future
This will GREATLY MINIMIZE our back and forth on BEST OFFERS and SEND OFFERS for each individual book
often taking hours, even days if we have different schedules, s software caters to single item purchases in regards to OFFERS
Many Customer First features are completely absent from s software: Common real life transaction adjustments are nearly impossible
sellers can not add or remove items or adjust pricing on the fly, no matter how in agreement the seller and buyer might be
Time is precious; Time is Money. Let us maximize our time together for each others benefit.


REGARDLESS if your buying for investment or entertainment purposes; DO NOT SINGLE ORDER BOOKS if you do not have to. A single comic (recent release) with shipping immediately places an investor upside-down in most cases; potentially foreverShould funds available be an issue, simply save money for whatever duration it takes and buy 2 or more books at once to equalize the overhead cost of shipping! MAXIMIZE your investment or entertainment dollars and SAVE HUGELY with COMBINED SHIPPING. Being a Savvy Shopper or investor, know I will be Savvy in ensuring your NEW comic multi-item purchase puts you in a same or better position as if you had you driven to the local comic shop and purchased them in person. I will ensure your in the BEST POSITION or suggest alternatives to ensure you are.

Warm Regards, RaZ

*Not even the publishers in most if not ALL cases! Non-Retail Sellers or Retailers upside down on thier investment/need to sell quick for cash are NOT valid sellers to compare pricing with; when saving time and money regularly is your goal

**If you have multiple items in your cart and the REQUEST TOTAL link is not visible, PLEASE contact support for a walk through. I have failed in every instance attempting to guide users through the process of finding the link even with screenshot images. It is not in a great location (upper right of the seller title in your cart). It can be hard to see what we are not familiar with, I get it. Support responds within a few minutes using the phone number you provide them. The problem could be browser version based; they can login to your account, we can not. Put to work for us so we save our TIME due to their interface design

***a retailer who buys the trades at a lot discount from the producing retailer. The producing retailer is who has received the wholesale price from the publisher, they also took on all the financial risk to obtain that position.

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