Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match (Omega & Moxley) - AEW Ringside Exclusive For Sale

Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match (Omega & Moxley) - AEW Ringside Exclusive

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Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match (Omega & Moxley) - AEW Ringside Exclusive:

Things are about to get explosive with the latest Ringside Collectibles AEW Blood & Guts Exclusive Exploding Barbed WireDeath Match Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley 2-Pack from Jazwares! Both wrestlers included battle and blood damage on their figure and clothing and the packaging has a ring-style display window. Jon Moxley has a wide-mouthed headsculpt with blood stains and a removable, stained 'MOX' shirt. His figure also includes bloodstains on the body, arms and hand wraps. He's also wearing grey ring pants and black boots! Kenny Omega has a bloodied headsculpt with hair in front of his face and a removable, bloodstained Barbed Wire Death Match shirt. He's also sporting ring jeans, blue and black knee pads and black boots. Additional accessories include plenty of barbed wire - a barbed wire wrapped chair, barbed wire wrapped bat and two breakable tables with barbed wire on top. The set also includes the AEW World Heavyweight Championship!
Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match (Kenny Omega & Jon Moxley) - AEW Ringside Exclusive Toy Wrestling Action Figures by Jazwares!This amazing set includes 2 bloody heads (new molds), 2fabric shirts, 2 sets of alternate hands, 2 Barbed Wire Tables, Barbed Wire Bat, Barbed Wire Chair, the AEW World Championship Title Belt as well as one-of-kind Blood & Guts packaging!
Adult Collector Item. 18+

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