ESI Electro Scientific Industries Impedance Meter 252 LCR For Sale

ESI Electro Scientific Industries Impedance Meter 252 LCR

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ESI Electro Scientific Industries Impedance Meter 252 LCR:

Here is an ESI model 252 Impedance (LCR) meter. It is in good working condition and has been calibrated per manufacturers procedure in my shop.
Cosmetic condition is Fair, it has some missing paint and scratches to the case, but everything is good and solid.
I am including a connector wired up with test clips (two terminal measurement) so that you can use it right out of the box. With a little effort and a few more dollars, the buyer can easily wire up the connector to allow 4 terminal measurements with Kelvin Klips. However, for most work checking components, the supplied clips will work just fine.
The model 252 is a true quadrature phase measurement LCR meter, with 3 digit resolution and up to 0.25% accuracy. It operates at 1Khz, and incorporates a resistive component measurement function (Dissipation Factor) which is helpful when evaluating capacitors or inductors for problems. I have included a spec table from the manual, and the pictures also show an old paper-oil type capacitor being measured for both C and D. It is somewhat leaky, which the D measurement shows. (a perfect cap will be 0)
Thanks for looking!

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