Dual Land Repacks (New and Old) Magic the Gathering Re-Packs (Fun Mix) For Sale

Dual Land Repacks (New and Old) Magic the Gathering Re-Packs (Fun Mix)

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Dual Land Repacks (New and Old) Magic the Gathering Re-Packs (Fun Mix):

~~~Lots of Fun and potentially ValuableCards to find~~~ Just Like Booster Packs,
but with us its more fun,
as you could get older cards,
you just cant find normally!
Each Pack Contains 9 or more cards,
Some Pack's will contain moreEach Pack will contain:5 Commons Cards
2 Uncommon Cards1 Rare, Mythic or Foil Promo CardsIf you get a Pack Containing MORE than Nine(9) Cards thisusually indicates that there might be something spicy and worth looking up the value of the cards within these packs.APPROX: 20% of packs have more than the 9 CardsAPPROX: 10% of Packs have a cards that far exceed the value of a single pack.
BUY 5 Packs------Get 1 Free Booster Pack*
BUY 10 Packs------Get 2 Free Booster Packs*Buy 25 Packs------Get 5 Free Booster Packs*&Free Commander Legends Pack (Factory Sealed)Buy 50 Packs------Get 5 Free Booster Packs*&Both a Commander Legends PackandFree Bundle Box (Factory Sealed)
~~~Booster Packs, Will be chosen from the most recent 5 years worth of MTG Sets, chosen from our store stock based on stock.~~~Bundle Box,also Known as Fat packs(Example of cards found since we started this listing...Tarmogoyf, or Sensi's Diving Top, Jace, The Mind Sculptor Top,Black Lotus, Lilliana of the Veil... Exc Exc.. And Great new and old valuable cards added to the stock regularly, more great cards added as of 4-20-2021 We had a Mox Ruby Winner recently, so we restocked a whole collectors edition power 9 set among the stock to make it even more fun. There is also a BETA and UNLIMITED EDITION TIME-TWISTER that is among the lots still.~~~~~
****REPEAT CUSTOMERS, often receive extra Cards and Free Gifts (Like really cool deck-boxes and card sleeves and even an occasional extra booster packs thrown in for the most loyal of repeat customers)*** Please mention repeat customer if you think we might not notice you were a repeat buyer on all future orders.Thishelps us ensure you get the monthly free promo items accordingly.Who doesn't like free stuff?!?!
Leaving me positive response will get you positive response, what goes around comes around, but please reach out to us FIRST if you think your experience with us was anything less than great.
THIS IS A GREAT WAY TO GET AN INSTANT COLLECTION OF CARDS ANDPOTENTIALLYEXPENSIVE VINTAGE CARDS FOR THOSE WHO ARE LUCKY!!!!++++THERE ARE STILL PLENTY OF DUAL LANDS NEW AND OLD AND UNCLAIMED UNLIMITED POWER 9's+++++(Power 9's are mostly Collectors edition, and Unlimited Edition, from time to time you will find a few spicy reserve list cards)
You areNOT Guaranteedany Value from any order, every pack is pre-packaged well ahead of time, and shares a card pool with our other listings. Which means that everyone has fair odds of getting any card of any value, at any time.We do make these packs in a very specific way that if purchased in larger quantities, your odds of getting something you want, or very useful will definitely be greater.
Much like Booster Packs that Wizards of the Coast Sells, we made these in a similar way.
If you want to properly appraise what you have received, the best sites to use are CardKingdom, or ChannelFireball, TCGPlayer APP is also great, as we use them as well to figure out Actual values of cards. As prices change regularly on cards, theirs no definitive way to get an accurate price. Keep in mind not everyone will get the full value of their purchase back, the packs can be worth less or more, and they are pretty random. We try to make sure everyone gets a great mix of cards.
ALL PACKAGESare packed in water proof packaging, and sealed in water resistant cellophane sticker seal packs to prevent damage to your orders. If you have ANY issues with your orders what so ever let me know directly before leaving response as I will work with you to resolve issues. All orders under 5 are typically packed in a hard card sleeve and wrapped in the cellophane for protection.

ADDITIONALLY!!! We communicate with our buyers if you message us, If you have an issue with your order message us FIRST and WeWILLwork with you!! This is a promise to all our customers. As we want repeat and happy customers. We take your advice and response to heart and work it into my future business practices.

Give us a shot I'm sure you wont be disappointed!!!

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