Desalinator Recovery Engineering:aka Survivor 35 Katadyn Hand Operated Emergency For Sale

Desalinator Recovery Engineering:aka Survivor 35 Katadyn Hand Operated Emergency

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Desalinator Recovery Engineering:aka Survivor 35 Katadyn Hand Operated Emergency:

Desalinator by Recovery Engineering: currently manufactured by Katadyn as the Survivor 35 Hand Operated Emergency Desalinator

SN: S35A-5964-1-1

NSN: 7H4610-01-319-5337


Reverse Osmosis desalinator, don’t take a long voyage without with out one!

This model is the original military grade version of the Katadyn Survivor 35, the most widely-used emergency desalinator. Spec’d out to produce up to 4.5 liters per hour. Produces enough water for multiple person life rafts. Widely used by US and International military forces, voyagers, sea kayakers, and other adventurers.

Per Katadyn Fact Sheet:

REVERSE OSMOSIS. To remove dissolved salts from seawater with reverse osmosis, part of the salt water is filtered through a semipermeable membrane. Only 10% of the water passes through the membrane. The remaining 90% flow past the membrane and at the same time cleans the membrane (self-cleaning effect). The small size of the “membrane pores“ ensures extremely pure drinking water, but extremely high pressures must be generated - normally 55 bar. Reverse osmosis is used worldwide to obtain drinking water, e.g. in the semi-conductor industry and in medicine.

KATADYN‘S PATENTED ENERGY RECOVERY SYSTEM. The Katadyn Energy Recovery system takes advantage of stored energy in the high pressure reject water that is typically wasted. The pressurized reject water is recirculated to the back side of the piston to aid the next stroke. This energy is kept in the system, resulting in less work to achieve fresh water.

All parts mechanically sound and new item in appearance, and possibly never used in intended environment. Output hose has membrane preservative in tube and what appears to be minor crystallization on intake hose at unit, from preservative. Per manufacturer Katadyn, it is recommended to install a new membrane when the unit is stored long term, and conduct thorough cleaning.

selling price at or above $525 will be refunded shipping costs

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