ANTIQUE DYSANALYTE PEROVSKITE CRYSTALS Ex: Chisholm Collection 1930's-40's For Sale


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CaTiO3Magnet Cove,
ArkansasSize: 6x5mm to 4x4mm (four crystals)Ex: Robert Chisholm CollectionDescription: Four crystal specimens of the rare Nobium rich variety of uncommon Perovskite.
Three cubes and one octahedron are represented in this collection. The crystals are housed in a one inch clear acrylic box with a label printed in Robert Chisholm's hand (though he did misspell the varietal name).
Dysanalyte is a Nb-bearing variety of Perovskite and was originally described from the Badloch Quarry,Germany. Back in 2011 we purchased a collection of antique minerals from the Estate of Robert Chisholm , a Bay Area collector from the 1930's and 40's. The specimens were housed in hand built depression era cabinets and were "loosely" cataloged. Each specimen filled a compartment within the cabinets, some of them minerals quit rare. This specimen comes from that collection. Do not let these antique Dysanalyte crystals get you for visiting Earthquest Minerals. We are a “Mom and Pop” business established in 1998 here in California Gold Country. What we offer is the direct result of what we truly love: Fine Minerals, Agates and Petrified wood.
All of our Agates and Petrified wood are cut and polished here at our shop and we take great pride in a mirror polish on each and every piece. * Earthquest Minerals specimens are photographed on various substrates ranging from frosted glass using colored backgrounds, white Plexiglas glass, butcher paper and even just outside in the sun. Some photos are edited by removing dust, particles or other unwanted background distractions.
* We strive to match color of each specimen photographed and feel it is a worthwhile challenge to duplicate as close as possible the true colors of each specimen. More times than not the specimen you receive will look much better than our photos!
* Satisfaction guaranteed! If you are not happy with the specimen within 14 days, we are not happy with the sale.
Please contact us and we can arrange a return.
* We ship Worldwide.
* Only PayPal is Accepted.
* Payment is required directly after the Winning offer.
* Each specimen is meticulously wrapped to ensure its safe travel from our door to yours.
Earthquest Minerals takes great pride in its packaging.
* Each specimen is shipped with a label stating species and Locality along with any other important information that we have.
* Specimens will be shipped within 3-7 days of receiving full payment.

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