7 parts labelled Yellow Paper Wasp Amber Clear Resin Block Teaching Aid BK2A For Sale

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7 parts labelled Yellow Paper Wasp Amber Clear Resin Block Teaching Aid BK2A:

Item SpecificsMaterial :ResinType :Collector PlateCountry/Region of Manufacture :ChinaHandmade :YesModified Item :No Payment By Paypal Shipping Free shipping cost. We send the goods to USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, EU countries and some other European and Asian countries by E-express, a kind of fast postal service by Hong Kong Post. It usually takes about 6 to 10 working days for delivery. We send the goods to other countries by registered airmail and will take about 8 to 14 working days for delivery. Returns Returns: We accept returns with any reason in 30 days. Contact Us We will answer buyer messages within 24 hours during working days. All right reserved. Shop Category Store Home Fossils Insects Plants Trilobite Sea animals Tektite Loose lots Single stone Silver wired pendant Tiktite hanger Lapis Lazuli Polished stones Loose lots Single stones Rough stones Loose lots Single stone Craft items Turquoise Natural turquoise Turquoise substitutes Stone carving Rough Stone & mineral Single piece Loose lots Polished Stone & mineral Single piece Loose lots Rough ruby & sapphire Ruby Sapphire Star Ruby & Sapphire Star Ruby - Opaque Star Ruby - Transparent Blue Star Sapphire Star Sapphire - other colors Animal specimen items Life cycle Collection set Key ring Bracelet or bangle Necklace or pendant Magnet Ring Hanger Cabochon Sphere, ball Laminated specimen Computer mouse Stapler Pen Bottle Opener Dome paperweight Earring Skeleton Fish Single specimens Spider Scorpion Beetle Marine animal Bug Bee, wasp, hornet Other insects Bat Other animal Butterfly Butterfly paperweight Laminated butterfly Plant specimen Flower Leaf Life Cycle Collection Set Laminated items Seed or root Stone, mineral, fossil box set Jewelry crafts Paper cuts Small set Large set OtherHot Item Common Octopus Specimen 73x40x20 mm Block Real Animal Education Aid USD 16.00 Spotted Lanternfly Cicada Life Cycle Simplified Set Real Specimen Learning Aid USD 15.00 Black Indochinite Tektite Stone 10 pieces Plastic Box Set Natural Specimen Kit USD 16.00 Insect Cabochon Golden Scorpion Oval 18x25 mm on black bottom 5 pieces Lot USD 17.00 10 Mohs Scale Stone Set clear plastic box Learning Real Specimen Kit USD 18.00 PictureNew List Item Spiny Spider & Water Spider Collection Set Clear Education Insect Specimen USD 12.99 Fossil Brownish Trilobite Ductina vietnamica 15x9 mm 66.2 gram USD 14.99 Dragonfly Final Stage Nymph in Clear Lucite Block Education Specimen TE1 USD 11.99 Opaque Star Ruby Heart 4x4 mm Cabochon 6 Rayed Lab-created 1 piece Lot USD 9.99 Opaque Star Ruby Square 9x9 mm Cabochon 6 Rayed Lab-created Stone 1 pc Lot USD 14.99 Custom Item

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Large Paper Wasp Nest picture
Large Paper Wasp Nest

Hornets Nest picture
Hornets Nest

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