3 New in Package Applause Taco Bell Talking Chihuahuas - As Is For Sale

3 New in Package Applause Taco Bell Talking Chihuahuas - As Is

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3 New in Package Applause Taco Bell Talking Chihuahuas - As Is:

We are just too old to hold garage sales. is our garage sale venue. We have been working for many years tryingto clean out our packed garage & home. What isn\'t sold on is donatedto a charity. Every time we pull out a box there is always a surprise in it aswe have forgotten what has been stored away. Our curios, cupboards,drawers, shelves & closets are beyond full. Hopefully our treasures willcontinue to find new homes where they can be appreciated. Many thanks to all ofthe buyers who have re-homed our \"junque\".

Welcome to my listing where I offer this blast from the past. You will receive three (3) new in the package Taco Bell Talking Chihuahuas. Unfortunately, the batteries have gone bad from years of being in storage. I have no idea if the batteries can be replaced or not. When they did speak, they each said something different: i Yo Quiero Taco Bell; Here, Lizard, Lizard; i Viva Gorditas. There are four in the series. I do not have the fourth dog. They are offered at a low price because of the battery issue.

PAYMENT: Prompt payment is appreciated.Payment should be made 3 days of end of listing.

SHIPPING: We ship to the USA only via USPS& only to the address on your account. Our goal is to ship within 5business days or sooner after receiving cleared payment. We do not ship onpostal holidays, weekends or during hurricanes & severe tropical storms.When feasible we are happy to combine shipping. Please contact us prior tomaking payment for a combined invoice. Once payment is made we cannot offer anydiscounts as we would have already incurred selling fees. We understand howexpensive shipping is & try to keep our prices as low as we can to helpdefer that expense.

PHOTOS: For some reason, when we upload photos to, they show darker than they should be.Please bear in mind that colors, (including black & white) shades& intensity vary from device to device. Your definition of white might bemuch brighter than mine.

ABOUT US: I inherited my picker gene from mygrandfather. My husband also loved topick. We loved estate sales. We have had a hard time letting things go. We are now at the age were we must letgo. We are too old to hold garagesales. is our on-line garage sale.

CONTACT US: We welcome your questions &would prefer that you ask your question before you offer or purchase an item.Please contact us through only. Wewill respond the next time we are on line.If you have an issue with your purchase please don\'t attack us, threatenus or get verbally abusive. We haveexperienced a few people who are just horrible human beings. We are really nice people & want to havehappy buyers.

GOLD& SILVER: Refers to the coloronly.

VINTAGE: An item thatwe believe to be or have been told is over 20 years old. ANTIQUE: An item that we believe to be or havebeen told is over 100 years old.

ITEMCONDITION: We will always describeitems to the best of our ability, knowledge of the item or what we were told attime of purchase. Vintage are rarely inperfect condition. We will point any flaws that we can see or are aware of.Photos are considered part of the description. We are not perfect and may missa minor detail. If this happens, please contact us.

OURHOME: We have a smoke free home, but are owned by two cats and cannotguarantee that stray hairs will not make it to your home.

REFUNDS: All items are sold as found & as is. Refunds areat the sole discretion of the seller. Shipping and handling charges are notrefundable. We do not refund for buyers regret.

SHIPPING CHARGES: We have no control over the high USPS rates& cannot lower our shipping charges. We know postage is expensive (we arealso buyers). We have a small handling fee to defer some of ourexpenses. We offer our items at lowstarting prices to help offset high USPS charges.

CANCELLINGofferS & SALES: We are experiencing too many request to canceloffers & cancel sales. A sale is a contract. Make sure you really want the item before youoffer. We will no longer honor requests tocancel offers or sales. So please don’t ask us to do so.

UNPAIDPURCHASES: We are having a real problem with buyers not paying fortheir items. They will not be welcome back.

It is unfortunate that we have so manyterms & conditions. Most ers are honest, however, a few bad apples havemade it necessary to cover every scenario. We sincerely do appreciate yourinterest in our listings & value our customers.

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