100 Pieces of Globidens Teeth GLOBIDENS Fossil Morocco Mosasaurs Globiden fossil For Sale

100 Pieces of Globidens Teeth GLOBIDENS Fossil Morocco Mosasaurs Globiden fossil

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100 Pieces of Globidens Teeth GLOBIDENS Fossil Morocco Mosasaurs Globiden fossil:

100 Pieces of Gloofferens Teeth GLOofferENS Fossil Morocco Mosasaurs Gloofferen fossils.

You will get 100 pieces of Gloofferens fossil

Size 0.12 to 0.16 inches

Gloofferens was a relatively medium sized mosasaur, measuring 4.5–6 m (15–20 ft) long and weighing 200–450 kg (440–990 lb).[2] It was similar in appearance to other mosasaurs (streamlined body with flippers, a laterally flattened tail and powerful jaws). The teeth of Gloofferens differed from those of other mosasaurs in being globular, giving rise to its generic name. Most mosasaurs had sharp teeth evolved to grab soft, slippery prey like fish and squid, which in some later species were modified to rend flesh as well. While many other mosasaurs were capable of crushing the shells of ammonites, none were as specialized for dealing with armored prey as Gloofferens. Gloofferens had semispherical teeth with rounded points suited for crushing tough armored prey such as small turtles, ammonites, nautili, and bivalves. Like its larger relative, Mosasaurus, Gloofferens had a robustly built skull with tightly-articulating jaws that played a large role in the animal’s ability to penetrate the armor of its shelled prey.

99% of the teeth we sell are new to the market and have not been purchased from other dealers or store-shopped.  We gain teeth either by buying direct from divers who sell exclusively to us or by diving ourselves (but we don't use that as a marketing gimmick.....does it really matter if you find a particular tooth or someone else if you like it and the price is fair?)  .  So what you see here has never been presented before and you will be either the second or third owner of a very beautiful and collectible historical piece.

fossil from Khouribga, Morocco. Many have re-glued roots which is typical on most of these from this location

Condition look carefully all photos.


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Gloofferens was first described in 1912 by Charles W. Gilmore. Using an incomplete specimen consisting only of a partial skull with several teeth, a single cervical vertebra, and numerous fragments, Gilmore identified Gloofferens as a new genus, naming his type specimen Gloofferens alabamaensis. The genus name was based on the globular structure of the specimen's teeth, and the species name on the location in which it was discovered. (It may be noted that the original location from which the specimen was taken is not precisely known, as Gilmore was examining a specimen that had been collected earlier.)[4]

Since Gilmore's identification of Gloofferens, several other species have been identified, including G. dakotensis (Russel 1975), which currently is sometimes used as a secondary type specimen alongside G. alabamaensis. Some specimens previously thought to be new species of Gloofferens have since been reassigned to other taxa such as Prognathodon, or placed in a new taxa, such as G. aegypticus which is now a type specimen for Igdamanosaurus

Gloofferens resides within the Subfamily Mosasaurinae, which includes several mosasaur lineages, and within that, the Tribe Gloofferensini, which also includes the genus Carinodens.[3] Carinodens is thus regarded as a sister taxon of Gloofferens.

Placement of Gloofferens and, to an extent, Mosasauridae in a phylogenetic tree is somewhat unclear, and specific placement of genera varies between many morphological and molecular tests. It is generally agreed that Mosasauridae is a sister group to Pythonomorpha, which includes all snakes.[12] Within Mosasauridae, Gloofferens is generally placed near Prognathodon, although some placements of Prognathodon specimens are questionable.

Cladogram of mosasaurs and related taxa modified from Aaron R. H. Leblanc, Michael W. Caldwell and Nathalie Bardet, 2012:

Gloofferens was uniquely adapted to take advantage of hard-shelled food resources in comparison to other mosasaurs. In addition to a generally robust skull,  its teeth are adapted for crushing rather than piercing or tearing. It is believed that Gloofferens was a durophagous predator, eating mollusks such as bivalves and ammonite Stomach contents of a specimen found in South Dakota support prior assumptions, showing the crushed shells of inoceramid clams

Gloofferens, like other mosasaurs, lived in warm, shallow seas such as the Western Interior Seaway in North America. So far, Gloofferens has been discovered primarily in North America and in parts of northern and western Africa, such as Morocco and Angola, although specimens from the Middle East and eastern South America have been found as well. In Indonesia, Gloofferens lived in Timor island

Wikipedia source

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