enclosed ecosystem shrimp ecosphere For Sale

enclosed ecosystem shrimp ecosphere
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enclosed ecosystem shrimp ecosphere:

TheEcoSphere is like a biological battery.The energy gained through light is stored and biochemically transformed. Thebase for the algae to produce oxygen is photosynthesis, for which the algaerequire light and carbon dioxide. The shrimp breath the oxygen produced by thealgae and eat some of the algae and bacteria in the system. The bacteria isalso useful in many ways. It transforms the waste, which is produced in thesystem, into reusable nutrients for the algae. To close the circle of life andinterdependence in the EcoSphere,the shrimp and bacteria both create carbon dioxide which is again needed by thealgae to start the circle with photosynthesis. Through this distribution of laborthe EcoSphere achieves a balance of nature inits most simplistic form.

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