True Wild Percula Clownfish Pair - WYSIWYG Live Saltwater Fish - For Sale

True Wild Percula Clownfish Pair - WYSIWYG Live Saltwater Fish -
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True Wild Percula Clownfish Pair - WYSIWYG Live Saltwater Fish - :

2.5\" True Wild Percula Bonded Clownfish Pair (Amphiprion percula)

This is a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) item, you will receive theEXACT specimens in the photo.

Care Level:Easy

Origin: Papua New Guinea

Max. Size in Captivity: 4\"

Reef Safe:Yes

Currently Eating: Pellets, Mysis, Most Prepared Foods


Web: Strikersreefing

The SRC difference: Our Quarantine & Conditioning process

Please visit web for a full breakdown of our process

When you combine degrees in Science, Chemistry, and Biology with dedicated hobbyists, it is no surprise that new discoveries will arise. Resulting in the most innovative Quarantine & Conditioning protocols select to our facilities, producing pristine specimens free from harsh chemicals and carcinogenic medications (such as Coppers/aldehydes/antibiotics). All specimens at Strikers Reefing & Co. go through a dedicated procedure catered to each species\' needs and may stay at our facility upwards of 2 months before being deemed ready to be photographed and shipped out. Fish here not only have their weight tracked, but havesamplesroutinely taken for microscopy to guarantee a clean specimen prior to becoming available. Upon arrival, specimens receive individual medication baths based on its species and diagnosis. For their first 2 weeks at our facility, fish are transferred into a sterile system every 24 hours alongside baths made up of exclusive medication formulas catered to each species needs. Specimens are transferred using disposable nitrile gloves, nets are avoided. Slime coats and scales are easily damaged with the use of nets. Fenbendazole is administered at proper intervals in baths we have found success with alongside in their diet for a period of 3 weeks to eradicate internal worms, gill & skin flukes resistant to praziquantel, and gastrointestinal parasites. After the initial 2 weeks, fish are weighed and moved into medication-free conditioning systems where they are kept for a further period of 2-8 weeks until they hit their target weight gain and are socializing well. During this period,they are fed a wide variety of foods designed for each species\' dietary requirements, these include Mysis, krill, Pellets, Flakes, and Seaweed.We are proud to offer a new standard of quality, providing Clean Conditioned fish without jeopardizing the long-term wellbeing of your new specimen caused by harsh chemicals & carcinogenics. One order from our dedicated team and you will know whatit means to be an SRC Client, Thank you for entrusting SRC with your piece of the ocean!

Shipping/DOA Policy:

FREE shipping on all orders, no minimums. We ship orders Monday through Wednesday every week!(Exceptions for holidays) to ensure the wellness of the animal. This prevents delayed orders from being held atshipping facilities over the weekend.

All orders are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight AM delivery. Depending on the weekday/time the order is placed you can expect to receive your specimen as early as the next day. However, please allow up to 2-5 days to have your specimen(s) shipped out after order is placed. Orders shipped Monday will arrive Tuesday morning, orders shipped Tuesday will arrive Wednesday morning and so on. We are not responsible for any shipment delays caused by shipping carriers and/or weather, however specimens will be packaged in the best possible manner to insure the health of the animal in the event of a delay. Weather conditions may cause shipping dates to change; you will be notified for us to reschedule a shipping date that works for you.

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