Owl Face Book Shaped Trinket What-not Storage Toy Box Hinged ~9-3/8" x 6-3/8" For Sale

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Owl Face Book Shaped Trinket What-not Storage Toy Box Hinged ~9-3/8" x 6-3/8":

Owl Face Book Shaped Trinket What-not Storage Toy Box Hinged Measurements: approximately 9-3/8" x 6-3/8" x 2-1/8". Pre-owned, normal signs of use should be expected. No damage or excess wear evident. Sticker residue on the back. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Please check our store for more great merchandise. Click here: Additional Info/T&C: Thanks for your interest! We are downsizing here, hoping to pass on a few lifetimes of accumulated treasures so that others can use and enjoy them. You know the situation, getting older, kids have no interest in collectibles or décor items, so they'd end up in a dumpster along with "excess" housewares etc. That is why you see "clearance" and "get rid of it" pricing. Note that has implemented some "required" Item Specifics in various categories that force sellers to fill in the blanks in listings with details that do not necessarily fit the item, such as "height", "length" and "width" for a round item as an example. Other specifics such as "style" and "type" may not allow an appropriate entry if it does not fit 's preselected list. When insists that we identify a "style" we will always use "eclectic" to cover all of the bases and avoid argument over what is and isn't "Mid-Century Modern" or "Art Deco" or whatever. We're not style experts, we just know what we like. It can be particularly illogical with a "lot" of multiple items where makes no allowance. Please consider the item title and description to provide the governing details. If there appears to be a conflict please let us know so that we can clarify before you complete a purchase. All measurements and dimensions are approximate and could be off a little and maybe rounded up or down, particularly with irregularly shaped items. Please don't beat me up over a minor discrepancy. Our home is smoke-free but not pet-free, and the items listed come from a variety of sources so we don't always know their history or their previous environment. Also, we recycle packaging to the best of our ability. YES we combine shipping if you buy multiple items! AND, please let us know if you have bought from us before! A repeat customer discount is available but we may not recognize your ID. We generally base the shipping charge on USPS First Class or Priority Mail or Home/Ground by UPS or FedEx. Books, DVDs and other eligible items will go USPS Media rate. We may change from one carrier to the other as a result of balancing service and cost, but we will not ask you to pay more. In all cases we will need your address to contain a physical street address. That can be in addition to a Post Office Box. If you purchase without a street address we may need to cancel the order then have you repurchase after you change your address with . The quoted shipping price is for the Continental US only. For Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or protectorates contact us to determine if an additional charge will be needed BEFORE you complete the purchase. Please understand that if the shipping cost seems high, firstly, the Post Office has increased prices again in August 2021; and secondly, fragile/breakable pieces will take some extraordinary measures to protect them from the gorillas that have been hired to handle packages. However, in spite of our best efforts, sometimes damage does happen and we might need to refund some or all of your payment. Here's what we need to process:If you receive a package that has visible damage take photos prior to opening. If the contents are damaged take photos including the packaging.Message us through the message system and tell us what happened and attach your photos.Do not throw the package or damaged goods away. For us to file a claim with the USPS they require that the recipient take it all to your post office for them to document it. FedEx has not asked to see damages in the past but may do so if the claim is above a certain level.Generally we will not want the damaged goods returned. We will initiate a refund selecting the no-return option and you should get your funds back into the account you originally paid from right away. If you are interested in this item and you are located outside of the US, a sale via the Global Shipping Program may be possible. Please review 's "Help" and FAQ information on the program, then contact me through the message system with details on your location and I will let you know. NOTICE: Due to recommendations that travel and personal contact with others be limited because of health concerns related to the ongoing pandemic, we have suspended our previous in-person package drops and are requesting pickups, which may add a day or two to the transit time on top of potentially slow service from the carriers. In addition, as a result of having sold PayPal they are managing seller transactions. They have incorporated holds on the funds into their processing so that sellers may not be funded right away, in spite of it being an immediate payment for you. These factors may result in the time before you receive your purchase being somewhat longer than what shows you. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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