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Knife Scales - You Pick the Species

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Knife Scales - You Pick the Species :

Knife Scales for one and all!You choose from over 100 different species and variations.All you have to do is choose the species from the drop-down menu.
The photos are from stock I cut, sanded to 320 and buffed with the Beall system.(Yes, I realize a few of the photos are of pen blanks... I'll fix that as time permits).
All scales are bookmatched unless otherwise noted.
The blanks in the photos are representative of the species for sale and are for reference only.
Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.
Since I cut these myself, other sizes are available. Please message me if you desire another size or shape.
This price is for a set (2) of scales and base shipping is Soon:American HollyMakoreExhibition Fiddleback Claro WalnutWhite LimbaAmbrosia MapleExhibition Curly Big Leaf MapleCurly Birch
List of available species:Anigre, AfricanArgentine Lignum VitaeBhilwaraBirch, CaramelizedBloodwoodBloodwood, BirdseyeBocoteBois D'Arc (Bodark, Osage Orange)BrownheartBubingaBubinga, Quarter SawnBubinga, Exhibition GradeCamel ThornCanarywoodChakte Cok (Red Heart)Chakte Cok (Redheart), FiguredChakte VigaChinaberryCherry, FiguredCocoboloCottonwood - CalifornianCypress, TidewaterEbiara (Red Zebrawood)Ebony, Bolivian (Coffeewood)Ebony, Brazilian (Gombiera)Ebony, GabonEdinam (Tiama)Elm, SiberianGoncalo Alves (Brazilian Tigerwood)Goncalo Alves (Brazilian Tigerwood), BirdseyeGranadilloGranadillo, Exhibition GradeGreenheartIndian LaurelIpeIpe, FiguredIpe, PomelleIrokoIronwood - MoluccanIronwood - Sonoran DesertIronwood - SurinameItaubaJatoba (Brazilian Cherry)Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry), Lighter Black - NEW!Lychee, FiguredMahoganyMango, FiguredMaple, BirdseyeMaple, BurlMaple, CurlyMarblewoodMesquiteMonkey Pod (Suar)MopaniMoraMora, YellowMyrtle, FiguredNarraOak, BlackjackOak, RedOlive, BethlehemOlive, ItalianOlive, TurkishPadaukPalm, BlackPalm, RedPartidgewood - NEW!Pau RosaPau Santo - NEW!PecanPernambuco (Brazilwood)Pernambuco (Brazilwood), FiguredPeroba RosaPurpleheartPyinma (Asian Satinwood, Crepe Myrtle)Red BalauRed Gum, FiguredRed Gum, BeeswingRosewood, Bois De RoseRosewood, Bolivian (Morado)Rosewood, Caribbean (Chechen, Black Poisonwood)Rosewood, East IndianRosewood, HondurasRosewood, MadagascarRosewood, MonterilloRosewood, PatagonianRosewood, YucatanSapeleSatinwood, CeylonSheduaSipo, XF PomelleSweet Gum- NEW!SycamoreTambotiThin WinVerdecilloWalnut, Bastogne - NEW!Walnut, BlackWalnut, ClaroWalnut, Eastern - NEW!Walnut, English- NEW!Walnut, Texas BlackWengeYellowheartZebrawood
As always, I select and hand cut each blank from larger stock. You won't get anything I would not want for myself.
"Do everything as though you are doing it for yourself. You'll never go wrong..."-- My Dad.

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Knife Scales - You Pick the Species


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