Jefferson Golden Hour Mystery Clock - How Low Can We Go ?? For Sale

Jefferson Golden Hour Mystery Clock - How Low Can We Go ??
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Jefferson Golden Hour Mystery Clock - How Low Can We Go ??:

This listing is a sales offer for the intriguing Jefferson Golden Hour Mystery Clock
We just finished an inventory and there is more stock on-hand than we thought.
What to do about that? Well... Bugsy sez.....Dad, How about a ridiculous low price??- Our lowest EVER !!We only have enough inventory to offer a few clocks at this price, so grab yours NOW !!!
These are our standard, beautifully restored clocks, they are NOT seconds-we don't sell those

Meticulously restored to accurate, quiet operation and excellent cosmetic appearance in our home-based, professionally equipped shop here in the beautiful Berkshire Mountain region of Western Massachusetts

* 90-Day Limited Warranty Included *

Please, Please, PLEASE, read the information below, regarding shipping times for our clocks. If you have ANY questions about shipping times, please contact us prior to making your purchase, to avoid any disappointment. We are 100% committed to our customer's satisfaction and wish to ensure there is no misunderstanding regarding our shipping time policy.

Welcome to Bugsy's Dad Enterprises

We specialize in the restoration, repair and sale of the intriguing JeffersonGolden Hour Mystery clocks. We are proud to have done business with manycustomers here in the US and several foreign countries. To date, we havecompleted nearly 300 restoration/repairs, establishing Bugsy's DadEnterprises as experienced craftsmen. We take immense pride in our work and believe it is unmatched in this niche market for Jefferson clocks. We make every effort to provide high quality photos of our listings to demonstrate the quality of our work.

  • We are committed to make every effort to complete these important and necessary final preparations in order to ship your clock as soon as possible, however we are a small operation and can be very busy at times. Our orders are filled in the order they are received. If you have time constraints, please reach out to us to determine if an expedited order is possible. We are very often able to accept these requests.

  • Bugsy's Dad Enterprises, is appreciative of your understanding and the patience needed to ensure your clock meets our exacting standards of quality, as shown in our response reviews. Thank You.

We encourage you to read on and see why our clocksare superior to other Jefferson Golden Hour clocks listed for sale, at any price --- Our attention to even the smallest detail, results in the highest quality clocks available anywhere.

We have seen sales offerings for 'restored' clocks that have received little actual work other than surface cleaning. Additionally, we have seen clocks advertised 'as-is' when in fact, the clock is inoperable. Beware of sales listings that indicate the clock is gaining or losing time. This condition indicates a failure internal to the clock that will eventually make it completely inoperative.

A danger we see routinely involves the power cord where it enters the base of the clock. The original cord has a molded grommet that is pressed into the base. ALL Jefferson original power cords that used this grommet have degraded with age, and will likely have cracks exposing the copper conductors near the grommet, creating a hazard. The entire cord becomes brittle with age and cracks easily, adding to this. All our clocks are fitted with new, properly rated power-cords and a modern, attractive strain-relief device is installed where the cord enters the base.

All of our sales listings are for the rare Jefferson Golden Hour Mysteryclock. The external finish is of 24k brushed gold, not brass. These clocks weremanufactured starting in the early 1950s through early 1991. Most of the clocks wesell were manufactured at the peak of their popularity during the 1950s. If theexact date of manufacture is known, it will be provided with the clock. The clocks were manufactured by the JeffersonElectric Company of Bellwood, Illinois, that was named in honor of U.S. PresidentThomas Jefferson, who was a prolific inventor, horologist in his own right and scientist.

These original designs of Leendert Prins of theNetherlands were patented in the 1940s, and the entire line of the Mystery namedclocks produced by Jefferson, use this same original design. The clocks are named 'Mystery' because of theclever engineering that makes the clock hands appear to float unsupported inside thechapter ring displaying the time.

The Golden Hour (and its very rare brother, the Exciting Hour) series of clocks were produced in numbers estimated at about 2 million, and are the ONLY Jefferson clocks we routinely deal in. We do have minimal parts for some of the other Jefferson family, and if you have one in need of repairs, contact us to determine the feasibility of repairs.

Our clock restoration process starts with the full disassembly ofeach clock. All parts are inspected, and replaced with new, old-stockparts from our inventory. Except for motors, Jefferson parts have not beenproduced since the early 1990s. A few parts, such as the hour-hand assembly, are not available as NOS from any commercial sources. We regularlyacquire clocks solely for cannibalizing these parts from. The salvaged parts are cleaned and inspected before being placed into inventory. The difficulty obtaining all needed parts for these clocks prohibits many traditional clock shops from working on them.

Each of our clocks being readied for sale is partially disassembled for a final inspection, adjustment and test run. The photos on this listing are of a number of different clocks being readied for sale to give our potential customers a view of the consistency of our work and some of the choices in finish colors for the hands and numbers.

Besides the mechanical portion of restoration,the external finish of each clock is hand cleaned, polished, and sealed with anindustrial metal sealer. We also clean and polish the plastic clock base and replace the felt glides, to protect you furniture. We must remindpotential owners that most of these clocks are well over 50-years in age and have seen a wide variety of use and storage. Assuch, most of our clocks will have some minor defects in the finish, such as light scratches, tiny dimple-likebubbles beneath the surface, and small areas of discoloration or rub-throughfrom the improper use of abrasive metal cleaners. We can reduce some of this unsightly appearance during restoration; however, some minor defects may remain and will be visible during aclose-up, in-hand inspection. These minor defects will in most cases, not be seen whenthe clock is on display. Please keep in mind, that these are NOT new timepieces, and like all vintage items, will have some minor patina related to their age.

We will never sell a clock that has an overall unsightly appearance. Each clock undergoing our restoration would be a proud addition to our personal collection, and the meticulous attention to detail is provided to our customers.

We can finish the color of the lines on the hands,numbers, and pips (the dashes between hours on the clock outer ring) in eitherblack, blue, white or glow-in-the-dark. This listing has photos of the clocks with the standardblack, plus the additional colors are shown. All are available on requestat time of purchase. If no preferenceis indicated the clock will be painted in black. If you need other photos to chose a color, please contact us to receive some close-up, high-quality photos.

Please Note: Because of the additional time consumed in applying the Glow-in-the-Dark paint, it will be considered as an option that requires an additional $15 up-charge. Buyers wishing to order their clock with this color should contact us first, to arrange payment of the additional charge.

The final restoration step is to replace the clock drivemotor, power cord and plug and the addition of a strain-relief collar forsafety. The motor and power leads are landed internally using wire nuts with an adhesiveadded and an electrical tie wrap to reduce strain as well. Just prior to reassembly, we apply aspecialized dry lubricant to all clock friction bearing surfaces.

Important Owner Notes: Ownersshould NEVER clean their Jefferson Mystery clock with any type of cleaner,especially those intended for brass or other metals. These cleaners are oftenabrasive and will rub off the soft gold finish, leaving an unsightly rub-througharea and may also discolor the gold from harsh cleaning chemicals. Also, ownersshould NEVER attempt to lubricate their clocks for any reason. The engineeringdesign of the clock eliminates the need for a wet lubricant, which attractsdust/dirt and WILL cause a failure of the clock. We receive MANY clocks for repairswhere well-intentioned owners applied a liquid lubricant that damages internal parts, causing the clock to fail.

All clocks leaving our shop are provided with an Instruction Manual for the clock, hard-copy photo prints for insurancepurposes, our 90-day Warranty and information to address a veryminor issue sometimes seen. Electronic copies of these documents are sent alongwith the tracking number when the clock is being readied for actual shipping. We ship via the US Postal Service utilizingPriority Package handling. We can arrange for shipping to a different locationthan your address on file with plus additional services such as SignatureRequired delivery on specific request and a possible additional shipping charge. Buyer's requiring one of these additional services should contact us first to determine additional charges, if required.

Our experience packaging hundreds of clocks for shippinghas taught us an excellent method to properly cushion your clock for transit. We rarely see shipping damage, but be assured that we will correct any damage that occurs. Contact us immediately if your clock has sustained shipping damage.

  • These clocks are truly a fascinating example of historicAmerican horological engineering and artistry that makes them an excellentconversation piece in your home or office or perhaps as an unusual gift forthat perfect occasion.

  • The Jefferson Electric Company motto for these clocks is very appropriate, calling them: A Miracle of Luxurious Precision

Clock Dimensions:

Diameter ofthe clock face is approx. 7 1/2 inches

Overall heightis approx. 9 1/2 inches

The base unit is approx. 6 inches-wide x 4 1/2inches deep x 2 inches high.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you mayhave at any time, and we remain available for help, following your purchase.

100% Customer Satisfaction and Customer Service is our committed goal.

We also provide complete repair services for the GoldenHour and Exciting Hour clocks, and very limited service to the Golden Minute andGolden Helm clocks due to the availability of parts forthese less common clocks. Contact us to determine the feasibility of work on these clocks. Service packages for existing Jefferson clock owners areavailable as a separate listing here on . (Our Seller ID is: bugsysdadenterprises)

Buyers, please take note:We are a small shop and can be very busy at times. To avoid negativeimpact on our ratings, based on overdue shipping dates, we must list ashipping/handling time that permits us to deal with the large numbers of ordersthat sometimes occurs.

Please Note: We ask our potential customers to be aware of the approximate shipping times, as listed in the shipping details. We are NOT a bulk dealer in these clocks, and unlike other retail consumer products, each clock being sold has undergone a complete restoration, refinishing and testing prior to shipment to the customer.

All orders are processed and shipped in the order theyare received, and we NEVER take short-cuts on our work to meetunreasonably quick shipping times. Restassured that the quality of workmanship and appearance will be well worth ashort delay in receiving your new timepiece. Most orders are processed andshipped within 10 to 12-calendar days of purchase. As noted above, we areexperiencing some supply chain delays in orders for needed parts and supplies,as well as clocks in transit.

Note About Color: We can finish the clock hands, numbers and pips around the Chapter Ring in a number of colors. Currently available is black (default color), royal blue, white, and day-glow/luminescent at night. Please include a note to seller and clearly specify the color you are requesting. See the listing photos for the various colors offered actually on a clock.

Please contact us for any special requests and thepossibility of expedited work. We are a very small shop and our workloadof orders is very busy most times. Please be assured that we take every orderpersonally and provide the best Jefferson clocks available to our clients.

Important Note for International Customers:The purchaser is responsible for all customs duties levied by their country ofresidence. Purchasers are encouraged to contact their appropriate governmentagency to determine details of meeting customs requirements.

Thank You for considering Bugsy's Dad Enterprises for your Jefferson clock purchase, and wehope that you will choose us as your source for both salesand services.

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