Grain sack grainsack fabric hemp stripe organic material per yard For Sale

Grain sack  grainsack fabric hemp stripe organic material per yard
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Grain sack grainsack fabric hemp stripe organic material per yard:

Vintage homespun grain sack fabric hemp 14yds Blue stripe organic material
price per meter is 10 $ per meter. we sell only wholesale we dont cutrolls or bolts average 14 meters eachwe have a lot of different so PLEASE FIRST MESSEGE TO CONFIRM ALL DETAILS NOT TO MESS UPWE REPLY SAME HOUR !

This bolt of homespun European Fabric dates from the middle of the 1800's ! SUCH a rare bolt to find in such large quantity!! ~ this bolt is 19.5 yards long! Gorgeous nubby weave with wonderful deep natural hemp tones!~ The stripe is a dashed red~ such a wonderful bolt for SO many uses ~ absolutely ideal for pillows , upholstery etc ~*~ It can be machine washed and tumbled dry over and over and over again! For larger projects ( slipcovers, upholstery, curtains etc) if you require matching plain linen with no stripe , just email and I can find the matching plain linen yardage in my back stock for your project! ~*~ ~*~ Wonderfully high quality. I love knowing these linens were grown without the use of pesticides, just lovely natural fabric ~*~~ (bolt 14RM )

MEASUREMENTS: This stunning piece measures 19.5 yards long by approximately 20.5 inches wide ~

    • CONDITION:This gorgeous textile is in original, unwashed unused condition ~ gorgeous condition. There are some marks that will wash beautifully.Within the first yard there are some larger storage marks that runhorizontallyacross the bolt's width which may or may not wash. These marks mostly appear on one side of the fabric.This is a very long bolt and there are little imperfections here and there such as a little bleed mark from the stripe, however generally it's in amazing condition indeed! ~ I recommend having this bolt professionally cleaned as it's SO long, it would be difficult to dry in a home dryer as one piece! ~

    • ~Please see my store page “ About Hand-woven, Homespun Yardage” for more information on these wonderful textiles ~

  • ~*~You will never have to pay any Customs or Duty charges on my textiles posted to an address ~ My shipping is always fast, so you can expect your purchase to arrive between 1-3 days after payment within the USA~*~ 8 business days worldwide

Perfect for slip covers, curtains, headboard fabric, upholstery, pillows, tablecloths, napkins, name it! This would make amazing heirloom projects! ~*~ it is another wonderful textile treasure~*~ This linen is just beautiful when seamed for larger projects~ if you require larger amounts of linen please email me as my back stock is vast and I canalmost alwaysmatch much larger quantities for large projects~*~ ~*~* *~*


~*~This wonderful fabric hasso many uses:STUNNING table runners~*~Upholstery, bedding, cushions, curtains,clothing, Roman Blinds, bags, ~ so many wonderful sewing projects~*~

~*~The woman weavers of yesterday would spend their evenings weaving these amazing rolls of linen. It took the average woman 1 night to weave 60 centimeters ( 24 inches) of linen

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS:~*~These rollsare 100% machine washable, warm..if there is visible dirt, just add a bit of Oxywash! They are so easy to wash, simplyspin dry then remove when wet. Roll the linen tightly and let sit overnight. In the morning unroll and allow to dry naturally~this presses the linen and there is usually no need to iron (unless you prefer it perfect). They can bedried in a dryer also! I like to tumble dry my linens as it adds a fluffy texture to the handle. Just be sure that the yardage doesn't get tangled up on itself in the dryer , causing creases! ~*~ I like to addDowny Ultra to mylast rinse cycle for an added touch of softness~ Pure linen or hemp rolls tend to have no shrinkage, the rolls with cotton tend to have some shrinkage . These rolls are tough and sturdy, built to last.....and last and last!!~ The average age of these rolls is about 100 years old, they are wonderful textile treasures~*~ Hemp is built to last for many manygenerations making it a lovely textile for creating family heirlooms~*~ So easy to maintain, simply machine wash, tumble dry. They only get more and more wonderful with use ~*~

All of my linen rolls are produced using natural fibers. Natural fibers have the irregularities and subtleties that are inherent ...adding to their rustic charm~*~

These rolls are increasingly difficult to find as they have been used so extensively over the past20 years. Thisis a wonderful opportunity to own your own piece of textile history~*~

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