Fear (1970) #6 VG+ 4.5 LOW GRADE For Sale

Fear (1970) #6 VG+ 4.5 LOW GRADE

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Fear (1970) #6 VG+ 4.5 LOW GRADE:

Fear (1970) 6 VG+ 4.5

Published 1972 by Marvel

Grade: VG+ 4.5 If you are not familiar with comic book grading

Comic Book Grading Scale

This is a mid grade item. It will have enough minor defects that it is in clearly worse condition than a brand new freshly published comic, magazine, or book. Defects allowed on an item in this grade may include a spine split of less than half an inch, minor water spotting or other residue, impacted corners, and an accumulation or spine stresses that may break color.

For more information, please see our comic book grading standards.

Final giant-size issue. Cover pencils by Gil Kane, inks by Frank Giacoia. "The Midnight Monster," pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Dick Ayers; When handsome scientist playboy Victor Avery is rejected by a girl he turns himself into a monster to wreak revenge on her fiancé only to become his own victim. "There Is a Brain Behind the Fangs!", art by Don Heck; A man is convinced that dogs are secretly planning to take over the world; His friend the psychiatrist convinces him otherwise by showing that his dog cannot understand complex questions, even under hypnosis. "I Took a Journey Into Fear!", art by Steve Ditko; A man thinks he has traveled through time with the "time machine" he built but the shock he receives from it when he throws the switch unhinges his mind and when the men with the white coats come to take him away he perceives them as barbarians of an earlier age. "Wings of the Butterfly!", art by Joe Sinnott; In the year 2050 Eric Krane is a spaceman who collects butterflies only to find himself trapped on planet where butterflies collect men. "The Last Laugh!", script by Stan Lee, art by Steve Ditko; A practical joker suffers the ultimate practical joke--after his death. "The Black Ray," art by Paul Reinman; An imprisoned criminal scientist pretends to make a medical device which is in fact a time machine; He sends his mind into the past to inhabit the body of 'the richest man' but is imprisoned once more, as the Count of Monte Cristo. "The Voice of Fate!", art by Don Heck; The Fates make a wager over whether humans will ever understand that they cannot escape them; One of them tells a jewel thief that he will be punished, but he defies fate and flees the country, thinking that since the US is in World War II he will never be found and punished in Hiroshima. 52 pgs., full color.

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