Crisis On Infinite Earths #5-1985 nm- 1st app the Anti-Monitor George Perez For Sale

Crisis On Infinite Earths #5-1985 nm- 1st app the Anti-Monitor George Perez
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Crisis On Infinite Earths #5-1985 nm- 1st app the Anti-Monitor George Perez:

Crisis On Infinite Earths #5-1985 nm- 1st app the Anti-Monitor George Perez---- -- ---------from DC from 1985------------------ --- cover George PerezWorlds in Limbo(Sequence 1 - Story , 25 pages , job number G-1953Feature Story: Crisis on Infinite EarthsCredits: Marv Wolfman (Script), George Perez (Pencils), Jerry Ordway (Inks), Anthony Tollin (Colors), John Costanza (Letters).Character appearances: Nicky Walton; Judy Walton; Dane Dorrance; Biff Bailey (all as the Sea Devils); Changeling [Gar Logan]; Cyborg; Wonder Girl; Kole; Jericho; Starfire [Koriand'r]; Nightwing [Dick Grayson]; Aqualad; Aquagirl; Dove; Red Star (all as the New Teen Titans); Platinum; Gold; Mercury; Tin; Lead; Iron (all as the Metal Men); Blok; Element Lad; Dream Girl; Ultra Boy; Brainiac 5; Shrinking Violet; Shadow Lass; Phantom Girl; Colossal Boy; Lightning Lad; Saturn Girl; Bouncing Boy; Duo Damsel; Chameleon Boy; Sun Boy; Cosmic Boy; Mon-El; Star Boy; Wildfire; Timber Wolf; Lightning Lass; Dawnstar; Invisible Kid [Jacques Foccart] (all as the Legion of Super-Heroes); Black Condor; Uncle Sam; Human Bomb; Phantom Lady; The Ray; Doll Man (all as the Freedom Fighters); Green Lantern [Arisia]; Green Lantern [Katma Tui]; Green Lantern [Tomar Re]; Green Lantern [John Stewart] (all as the Green Lantern Corps); Polar Boy; Chlorophyll Kid (all as the Legion of Substitute-Heroes); Katana; Metamorpho; Black Lightning; Halo; Geo-Force (all as the Outsiders); Nuklon; Brainwave Jr.; Fury; Silver Scarab; Jade; Obsidian; Star-Spangled Kid (all as Infinity Inc.); Sgt. Rock; Worry Wart; 4-Eyes; Little Sure Shot; Short Round; Long Round; Bulldozer; Wildman; Jackie Johnson; Ice Cream Soldier (all as Easy Company); Blackhawk; Andre; Stanislaus (all as the Blackhawks); Red Ryan; Rocky Davis; June Robbins; Prof. Haley (all as the Challengers of the Unknown); Shimmer; Mammoth; Gizmo (all as the Fearsome Five); Red Tornado; Flash [Barry Allen]; Batman [Earth-1]; Steel; Hawkman [Katar Hol]; Hawkwoman [Shayera Thal]; Zatanna; Superman [Earth-1]; Aquaman; Elongated Man; Phantom Stranger; Green Arrow [Earth-1]; Firestorm; Wonder Woman [Earth-1]; Martian Manhunter [J'onn J'onzz]; Gypsy; Black Canary; Atom [Ray Palmer]; Adam Strange; Vibe; Steel (all as the Justice League of America/JLA); Huntress [Helena Wayne]; Power Girl; Spectre [Jim Corrigan]; Johnny Thunder [Earth-2]; Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt; Superman [Earth-2]; Flash [Jay Garrick]; Wonder Woman [Earth-2]; Robin [Earth-2] (all as the Justice Society of America/JSA); Dr. Fate; Firebrand [Danette Reilly]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Atom [Al Pratt]; Shining Knight; Wildcat [Ted Grant]; Liberty Belle; Plastic Man; Amazing-Man; Tarantula; Sargon the Sorcerer; Hourman [Rex Tyler]; Hawkgirl [Shiera Sanders] (all as the All-Star Squadron); Plasmus; Phobia; Warp; Monsieur Mallah; The Brain (all as the Brotherhood of Evil); Persuader; Tharok; Validus (all as the Fatal Five); Robotman [Cliff Steele]; Celsius (all as the Doom Patrol); The Monitor (corpse); Harbinger; Pariah; Alexander Luthor Jr.; Lana Lang; Robin [Jason Todd]; Proty; Captain Comet; B'wana Beast; Creeper; Rag Doll; Jonni Thunder; Ragman; Windfall; Swamp Thing; Dolphin; Dr. Light [Kimiyo Hoshi]; Black Orchid; Cpl. Asher; Sgt. Craig; Lt. Jeb Stuart; Pvt. Rawlins; Arion; Stripesy; Johnny Thunder [Earth-1, Western hero]; Cinnamon; Jonah Hex; Blue Devil; Robin [Jason Todd]; Batgirl [Barbara Gordon]; Scalphunter; Bat Lash; Supergirl; Firehair; Black Orchid; Lois Lane [Earth-1]; Tomahawk; Grxx; Deadman; Firehawk; Jemm, Son of Saturn; Amethyst; Warlord; B'wana Beast; Swamp Thing; Alanna Strange; Lori Lemaris; Guardians of the Universe; Rip Hunter; Alfred Pennyworth; Anthro; Embra; Air Wave [Hal Jordan]; Spider-Man [Peter Parker]; Lady Quark; Yolanda Montez (later becomes Wildcat); Lois Lane Kent [Earth-2]; Psycho-Pirate [Roger Hayden]; Anti-Monitor (face revealed, villain); Sinestro; Luthor [Earth-2]; Star Sapphire; Big Sir; Solomon Grundy; The Mist; Dr. Polaris; Per Degaton; Vandal Savage; Killer Frost; Mirror Master; Blockbuster; Kung; Copperhead; Cheetah [Priscilla Rich]; Brother Blood; Vulcan; Penguin; Captain Cold; Catwoman [Earth-1]; Silver Swan; Ocean Master; Abra Kadabra; Samurai; Weather Wizard; Plastique; Riddler; Poison Ivy; Ultra-Humanite; Brain Storm -1st app of the Anti-Monitor , as he is revealed -------- ------------------------------- ---- ---- ---- -- -check out the pic for a good look -- --- --------------- - ------ grade nm-===MOST sales SHIP WITHIN 48 HOURSOF RECEIPTOF PAYMENTCHECK OUT THE response ABOUT OUR GRADING!!!We useboth Overstreet Grading and CGC grading as guides and have over 25 YEARS collecting/selling experience with comics!!If there are any questions/concerns regarding the comics, please do not hesitate to email us.CHECK OUT THE GLOWING response ABOUT OUR PACKAGING!WE PRIDE OURSELVES ON THECUSTOMER RECEIVING THEIR COMICS IN THE SAME CONDITIONAS LISTED!WE WILL NOT REIMBURSE FOR ITEMS DAMAGED DURING TRANSIT or LOST BY USPS AND UPS UNLESS INSURANCE and/or DELIVERY CONFIRMATION IS PURCHASED.

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