Cretaceous(2.8g Bugs, beetles)Myanmar Amber insect fossil dinosaur age For Sale

Cretaceous(2.8g Bugs, beetles)Myanmar Amber insect fossil dinosaur age
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Cretaceous(2.8g Bugs, beetles)Myanmar Amber insect fossil dinosaur age:

Size: 26*21*9mm
TO buyer:
Before the offers is made, please take a look at the picture and describe carefully. Once the offer is made,which can not be cancelled。about the Species introduction: What species of the insects of the burmite containing, I make the judgment is according to my knowledge, but I am only one miners,not one specialist and there are too many insects that I do not know. so maybe my judgment is not correct, or maybe you do not agree with our conclusion, please be sure to see clearly before making offers, if you have bought,and after receiving the item ,but say that the species being different from that I have introduced species , I do not refund or change other burmites. we mine the burmites very very hardly and dangerously,but,for livelihood, I and my workers have to do this work. Now,burmites containing insects are less and less,you should treasure every burmite that you have meet.
about burmiteBurmese Amber or Burmite
Burmese amber from Myanmar is about 100 million years old, it comes from one of the most important periods in the evolution of life on Earth and formation of modern flora and fauna. Burmese amber is witness of the times when angiosperm plants proliferated and the World biota has changed from gymnosperm-dominated into angiosperm-dominated. Burmese amber is witness of rapid origination and radiation of modern insect groups. Burmese amber is witness of co-evolution of plants and animals, formation of new relationships between them, adaptation of insects to new host-plants, adaptation of flowering plants to new pollinators, but also to new consumers and pests. Burmese amber is witness of emergence of new relationships between insects, and between insects and other animals. Burmese amber provides not only record of the appearance of new species, genera and families, but it provides also evidence of specialized habits and habitats, life forms and palaeobehaviours, evidence of evolutionary process.
English philosopher, Sir Francis Bacon in his Historia Vitae et Mortis (1623) wrote:“Whence we see spiders, flies, or ants, entombed and preserved for ever in amber, a more than royal tomb, although they are tender substances and easily dissipate\". Amber has a unique property for preservation from corruption snapshots of ancient life and offers glimpses at fascinating world of the past. American writer, Kurt Vonnegut in Slangbter House Five (1969), said:“Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment ”This observation is definitely true, but fossiliferous amber, its inclusions enables to look behind the curtain of time. Thanks to fossil resins endured millions of years, we can enjoy the beauty of amber; we can appreciate its diversity and variety in colors and shapes; we can study the fascinating world of inclusions. Any moment of contemplation of the amber, amber works, amber inclusions, is a precious and unique experience. Amber gives the look on spectacular events of nature; contact with amber enriches mind and soul. Amber is a phenomenon of nature, and it should be appreciated at all levels for its uniqueness, beauty and scientific values.
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