Compact Flash IDE Adapter, XT-CF XT-IDE Parts (Sergey Kiselev) For Sale

Compact Flash IDE Adapter, XT-CF XT-IDE Parts (Sergey Kiselev)

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Compact Flash IDE Adapter, XT-CF XT-IDE Parts (Sergey Kiselev):

XT-CF-Lite V4 is a remake of James Pearce's XT-CF-Lite card, which in its turn is a simplified version of his CPLD based XT-CF card andshares some ideas with XT-IDE card. This card allows connecting a Compact Flash (CF) card to computers with ISA bus and using it as a mass storage device. The card also supports BIOS extension ROM.
This kit is based on anopen-sourcedesign.This Compact Flash IDE Adapter along with the ISA-backplane kit which I sell separately (see my other listings) is used to build a fully functioning IBM PC clone which is able to run most of the IBM/PC compatible software of the era.
I fully support thisproduct;I want to ensure you have a successful build for that reason,ifthings don't go accordingtoplan due to a badsolder job or any other reason, no problem. Return the partially assembled kit and all the parts and request a fresh one or ask for a full refund. All we ask is to cover all shipping costs.(Notoffered on internationalshipments, see notes below)
Following can be purchased independently (simply select and add to cart):1 Compact Flash Card (4 GB) Generic FAT 16 supports up to 2GB and IDE supports 2 drives So to get the maximum from theXT-CF-Liteit is recommendedto use a 4GB model. This card has been tested to work with the adapter.1 USB to Compact Flash Adapter (Generic) Use this adapter with a modern computer to read/write to the compact flash card.
Complete KitThe complete kit is composed of the PCB and all the components seen below: (CF Card not included)
Main PCB1 PCB Board that fits anISA 8-bitslot
Capacitors6 0.1 uF ceramic, 5.08 mm lead spacing2 10 uF ceramic, 5.08 mm lead spacing
LEDs1 3 mm (T-1) LED indicator
Resistors1 330 Ohm, 1/4 W1 470 Ohm, 1/4 W1 1 kOhm, 1/4 W1 5.6 kOhm, 1/4 W1 10 kOhm, 6 pin, bussed resistor array1 10 kOhm, 10 pin, bussed resistor array
Switches1 4 positions DIP switch1 8 positions DIP switch
Integrated Circuits1 28C64 EEPROM or 27C64 UV erasable EPROM(firmwarepre-programmed)2 74LS688 magnitude comparator1 74LS32 quad 2-input OR gate1 74LS04 hex inverters
Sockets1 28 pin 600 mil (wide) DIP socket2 20 pin 300 mil (narrow) DIP socket2 14 pin 300 mil DIP socket1 CF-50P Compact Flash 50 Pin socket. (Maybe new old stock or recycled)
Bracket and Screws1 ISA card bracket - Keystone 9202 (The slot has been CNC milled)2 Screw, 4-40 thread, 1/4" length
Please note:
  • This is an advanced electronics project and success in the first attempt is not guaranteed.
  • Chips are mix of new, new/old stock and renewed/refurbished, some chips may show their age.
  • Finally visitwiki.noami.usfor build guides and tips. Don't forget to open an account and share your experiencewith the build!
  • EEPROM comes pre-programmed
  • If purchasing the non-fully assembled version,then you will need to solder on a surface mount style CF connector. Solder paste has flux mixed in and over time it degrades. To ensure a good quality solder job please use paste that is fairly new (< few months old) else solder will form bridges.
  • Solder on the connector first. Once its soldered-oncheck for shorts before proceeding with installing the rest of the components
  • Regarding refunds forinternational orders. In rare cases bad components do make it into the kits. If this happens to domestic customers sending replacements is relatively cheap. However international shipping is expensive so unfortunately the products I send international will need be sold as is with no returns/replacements. I will continue to offer support on how to resolve issues and if replacement parts are needed then those can be purchased separately.
I also sell the ISA backplane with parts compatible with this processor board. Please see my other listing.
This kit is based on an open-sourcedesign. Parts are readily available online. The majority of the cost of the kit is the integrated chips. I only make a very small commission to offset the selling fees and time spent assembling the kit and providing support.
FastUSPS Shipping!Spend less time waiting for overseas shipments and more time building!

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