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What a great "ONE OF A KIND" Piece!Super Heavy Duty HANDBLOWVASE!This vaseglows so bright under black light we call it Kryptonyte!
We are the manufacture, and these are certainly one of a kind!This Vase is hand blown uranium glass, blowninto wooden molds. It's made in the Czech Republic, (Country Code 420) out of Black Light reactive uranium glass. ThisVase is a fatty and measures 15"tall witha6" wide diameter base, and a nearly 2-1/2" wide neck, and has anice finishedtop rim.ThisVase is fairlythick, very well made, and heavy.
You won'tbe disappointed!We were originally going to drill these out to make water /hookah pipes but chose to go thestraight and narrow, and sell these as Vases and leave it up to the customer to use as they see fit. These can certainly still be drilled, and used however you choose, but we cannot guarantee them against breakage if you choose to drill them. When drilling glass you would need to use a caroffere or diamond tip bit. If you let me know that's what you intend to do I will certainly pick out the thickest one I have on hand to sendyou.Email us if you have any questions. You can checkout below for more information on uranium glass.

I have heard a lot of different debate from people regarding the safety of Uranium, Vaseline glass. I know that historically Uranium has a bad reputation because of its association with the BOMB. You always have to be vigilant when it comes to your health and I respect people being cautious when it comes to health dangers. You really do not have anything to worry about with this glass. First off, Uranium has been used as a colorant in glass for hundreds of years (yellow). It glows a brilliant green when exposed to ultra violet light. The radioactive component of Uranium is Radium. Less than one half of a percent of all Uranium that exists on Earth has a sufficient enough Radium content that it could then be processed and concentrated enough to be used for a weapon. Radiation is present in everyday life and you are exposed to many more times radiationeveryday, in your everyday life, than is omitted from this glass.So yes, canary glass, uranium glass, or Vaseline glass, as it became known in the early 20th century for its similar color to petroleum jelly, emits radiation, but the amounts are tiny, infinitesimal, ridiculously small. Our bodies are subjected to many times more radiation every day. We receive a daily dose of radioactive contamination from the gamma rays that make it through our atmosphere after hurtling through outer space, from the naturally occurring radionuclides present in the ground we walk upon, from the background radiation lingering in the materials used to build the places we call our homes.The beds we sleep in are radioactive; the lawns we sprawl out on during the dog days of summer are, too. In fact, there’s more radioactive potassium-40 inside each and every one of us than anyone could ever receive from handling, using, or just plain eyeballing a piece, display case, or entire museum full of Vaseline glass. If you are really worried about the trace amounts of radiation in Vaseline glass, you’d do better to stop putting bananas on your yogurt, to cut out all those healthy spinach salads, and to stay very far away from baked potatoes, all of which are packed with blood-pressure-lowering, radioactive potassium. Glass is a miraculous buffer to Radiation. Glass inhibits radiation so well thatafter the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, the Russians dumped SAND onto the fireball in the reactor in order to Vitrify it and drop the radiation levels. So, as you can see it's very safe to handle and own Vaseline or Uranium Glass.

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We are available by email and phone Mon-Fri 9am-3pm EST.About UsBalmerGlassisNOT your typicalglass company. As a kid I was fascinated by glass dishes and bottles thatI would find around old home sites on the Rural Eastern Shore of MD. As an adult , I can't say that I am a hoarder (some might),but when going through buildings that are being torn down, I pay attention to glass that is worth giving a new life to. It could be bottles, light shades, rippled window glass , wire glass or even chunks of glass cullet that are left over from when we had a glass industry in this country. I even went so far as to start blowing and manufacturing items myself. This site gives us the opportunity to share our obsession with YOU.
We started in the Architectural salvage business rescuing fireplace mantles and cast iron door locks from construction dumpsters, we have opened our eyes to many types of waste that are overlooked and often fall through the cracks. Our focus is, and will always be vintage items of the highest quality. All of our items are salvaged and are for the most part American made. One week we could be in an old school, the next week a factory, and the following week a Shipyard or Power Plant. One day we may be removing Vintage lighting, the next Signs and Vintage blueprints, and the following day we clean out the Machine shop and parts crib.We literally have NO idea what we have coming around the corner, so make sure you add us to your favorites and check back often.
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