Batrachichnus salamandroides, tridigit amphibian footprint. For Sale

Batrachichnus salamandroides, tridigit amphibian footprint.
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Batrachichnus salamandroides, tridigit amphibian footprint.:

Clear footprints of a tridigit amphibian with sole indention and Batrachichnus salamandroides(salamanderlike footprints). These appearto be underwater(bottom-gauging or bottom-feeder spooking) footprints. Tetrapodsrelied much in the spooking or "flushing" of game into open water.
Please note that all of our fossils are from the continental United States, from NE New Mexico, US, that was once part of Pangea.For background information of our fossils and fossil quarry please visit the following blogs:Exceptional earlyPermian footprints, and, Dimetrodon's ichnology and other Permian footprints.(Copy, open new tab and paste, click on addressif applicable.)Please note that evidence exists that the El Pueblo swamp facies is ofPennsylvanianage (305 MYA). A paperWhen the GeologicTime Scale Does Not Match the Evidence:is availableto read on geologic time difference isnegligibleand an early Permian age designation willcontinue.The biological evolution interval is after lobe finned fishes evolvedfeet and before large dinosaursappeared. Contact for any questions you may have.Please note that somehow our return policy changed to no returns. Our policy has always been return within fourteendays for full refund. A Sample Digging showing what were layers of soft sediment (mud) at one time. Most of the sediment collected in layers as sand, soil, and clay from turoffer floodwater settled to the bottom. The sediments concreted into rock much like modern cement sets underwater.

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