2.5" ZEBRADORITE Graphic Feldspar Gemstone Polished Palm Stone - Madagascar For Sale


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2.5" ZEBRADORITE Graphic Feldspar Gemstone Polished Palm Stone - Madagascar:

Zebradorite Palm Stone


2.57" x 2.4" x 1.4"

65mm x 61mm x 36mm


6.85 oz

194 grams



2.5" Zebradorite polished palm stone from Madagascar. This palm stone can be used in metaphysical crystal healing, as a collection or display piece, or as a pocket stone. This aesthetic stone is carved from Zebradorite, a graphic Quartz resembling the striping on zebras with bands of dark Feldspar within yellow to peach Moonstone. Rural miners in Madagascar came across this variety of Feldspar which they called "Feldspath" (in French and Malagasy). This palm stone is handpolished for a smooth finish around the stone.

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