(SJ440-50) 7" wide Spottail SHARK jaw sharks jaws teeth sorrah taxidermy biology For Sale

(SJ440-50) 7

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(SJ440-50) 7" wide Spottail SHARK jaw sharks jaws teeth sorrah taxidermy biology:

(internal #SJ440-50) YOU ARE offerDING ON ONE SHARK JAW.

Spottail shark (Carcharhinus sorrah)jaw is an average of 7" wide. Awesome jaw!

Great gift for the shark lover!

Stock photo, slight variation in jaws.


Shark has a distinctive large black tip on pectorals, second dorsal fin and ventral caudal lobe. It prefers coral reefs; they are often found in the Indian Ocean; it feeds on fishes and octopi; a relatively small requiem shark, averages 5 feet long. It is harmless to humans.

THESE SHARKS ARE NOT CAUGHT FOR THEIR JAWS. All shark jaws are obtained from the legal fishing industry in Taiwan. These sharks are caught for their hides & meat. The jaws & teeth are sold as a collectible to recycle 100% of the shark.

We do not support sport fishing, illegal taking of sharks, we don't even eat in restaurants that serve Shark Fin soup due to the cruel and wasteful nature of shark finning. We do not catch sharks ourselves.

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INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: There is a $93 fee we are required to pay U.S. Fish & Wildlife to inspect the package going outside the United States. I may be able to discount this off for you depending on the size of jaw, though I still have to pay the fee. Or combine numerous jaws and I can discount it off. Yes, I wish I did not have this fee requirement. But it is the law.

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(SJ440-50) 7

(SJ440-50) 7" wide Spottail SHARK jaw sharks jaws t**th sorrah dentition


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