Rose: It didn't start out that way and if the moderators had kept it clean it would have stayed that way.

So what happened today? I went to the other side and posted some actual serious science articles.


That should tell you something about what you've created here. A place where serious science is ignored in place of claims like the one above that the periodic table is incorrect, that all of the currently accepted and proven chemistry is incorrect, and that all of the facts that have been repeatedly proven related to s, p, d, and f orbitals is incorrect.

Every successful theory, proven repeatedly by various methodologies, has shown that ionic and covalent bonding is the stuff of chemistry. As a biologist you know this to be fact beyond reproach.

Thus ...
Rose ... this has nothing to do with origins.
Rose ... this has nothing to do with speculation.
Rose ... this has nothing to do with science.
Rose ... this is about giving a forum to promote wilfull disregard for fact and supporting the darkness of ignorance.

Knowing your background I find it hard to believe you are willing to associate with this and not raise your voice in protest. I can't believe that you are not affended by scienceagogo, as it now is. I can't believe you are willing to turn a blind eye to the quality of what this has become. Trident would be proud.
DA Morgan