My speculation about proton shape was moved from the Science board over to the "speculations, religion, origins" board. Okay by me.

I hate to see DA Morgan go; we were in 92.5% agreement that Lithium has 3 protons. If he wants to stay with the Linus Pauling belief that electrons orbit the nucleus and electrons form chemical bonds, that is his choice. But, if chemical bonds are actually formed in the absence of electrons, then the counting of protons and neutrons becomes quite different from the current, standard procedure.

Let's see, the theory of a gravitational flux is now superceding Newton's Law of Gravity. The geometric interpretation of General Relativity is now being displaced by Lorentzian General Relativity ( a line of thought initiated by Richard Feynman). The Michelson - Morley "proof" that there was no light carrying medium has now been refuted.

Time marches on, damnit!