DA Morgan,

Whilst I find your post to be, in equal parts, intelligent, entertaining and scathing, I think you would do better, at times, to simply refute the actual ideas that people bring here instead of stooping to ridicule, which is more in line with children in the school playground.

You may enjoy your self appointed role of science's bulldog, but we would all learn more, and you may actually convince people of their folly, if you did more than invite the invisible purple Rhino into the conversation.

You obviously have much more to offer than you are willing to give, or do you think your role as educator ends when you leave the gates of Washington Uni? I imagine that if I attended your class, I would probably, (along with the rest of the students) be too afraid to ever open my mouth.

You leave people with the impression that you are unable to think beyond the 'peer reviewed journal' sanctioned science that has historically, on occasion, given way to other different (even conflicting) ideas. Your intent seems to be to bully people into not thinking beyond what is commonly accepted. This surely only stifles innovative thought and will lead us no further.

Or do you think that people pondering the improbable is without value - because science seems to be a series of such improbable ponderings converted into experiment.

Even when someone is clearly barking up the leg of the I.P.R. then you would do better, as I said, to correct them through a reasoned process, then we will all be the richer - we will better informed and you will have made a little room in your brain for your humanity to breathe.