You now talk about push gravity as a real potential thing of note!

Wright's Push Gravity
Walter has been actively researching the PUSH gravity concept and has developed
... Walter has about 27 videotapes clearly illustrating Push Gravity using ...

While I was writting my very little book on the simplistic workings of the Solar System I came across the "Wright's push Gravity" and with an open mind I bought his stuff. One of his claims is that he has amde models that work to prove his theory. he uses magnets. Magnets are great for controled push and about uncontrolable when we try to use them to show pulling. I never saw his models, other than as he explains in his papers, but i conclude his theory at best is very incomplete. There is no adaquate explanation for why objects fall to the Earth, or as we saw, into Jupiter. They should have been pushed out into space per Mr Wright. I think, for now, that Mr. Wright is Wrong.

There is a far out theory that the Sun is a push and, based on my own efforts I can see some potential for that idea if the proponents can turn it around mathematically, not yet done.