God may or may not be dead but the moderators sure seem to be.

Protobonehead ... Take a good look at a copy of the periodic table. Now it appears you've never seen one before so I refer you to: www.webelements.com

Please note the numbers in each coloured box.
Note that the blue box with the H in the upper left has the letter "H" and the number 1. This is because hydrogen, by definition, contains one proton.

Now look at the yellow box in the upper left that contains "He" and the number 2. That two stands for the number of protons and we call it Helium.

Want to guess what the blue box in the second row labelled "Li" and 3 stands for?

But you it isn't Helium.

Come on moderators ... this is preposterous. What do we get next? braindamagedagogo.com or you'll just split it out into its own message board for the hard of thinking.
DA Morgan